Secret Jardin Dark Room DR150 3.0 - 5' x 5' x 7⅔'

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Secret Jardin Dark Rooms have the widest range of sizes in the collection. Ranging from 2'x2' to 10'x10' the Dark Room can be adapted to virtually any grow space. These units are constructed using premium materials making them durable and user friendly.

The DR150 is a useful tent size suitable for 2 x 250W lights, 2 x 400W lights, or 1 x 600W light.

Extraction wise you will need at least a 5” high powered fan for 2 x 250W lights, or a 6” low powered fan for either the 2 x 400W or single 600W light(s) to be sure you can control temps in the summer months.

10 Reasons to Buy This Grow Tent From Us

Secret Jardin Dark Room DR150 3.0 - 5' x 5' x 7⅔' | Shop All Products by Secret Jardin

  • Strong, easy to use roof support system capable of supporting up to 30kg
  • Stronger, highly reflective, light proof and washable Mylar lining
  • New engineered corner pieces that are three times stronger than before
  • Two sealable and removable 30cm x 30cm ventilation flaps
  • 2 x cable access ports at the bottom, one more at the top
  • 2 x 250mm top vent
  • 2 x 250mm bottom vents
  • 2 x 250mm Cool Tube vents
  • Removable floor tray
  • Comes complete with Secret Jardin accessory set, WebIT, Space Savers bars etc


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