Secret Jardin Dark Propagator DP90

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Secret Jardin Dark Propagator DP90 features support bars for hanging T5 fixtures ideal for rooting clones or germinating seeds. The Propagator is also made using 95% reflective mylar for increased light intensity and distribution. The DP90 fits 3" x 10" x 20" trays.

10 Reasons to Buy This Grow Tent From Us

Secret Jardin Dark Street DP90 - 3' x 2' x 3' | Shop All Products by Secret Jardin

  • Up to 2 x 77 Rockwool cubes trays compatible
  • Transverse venting windows system
  • It can produce up to 144 cuttings at a time - 2 x 7 raws x 11 cubes of 2.5 cm side
  • Can also be used as a small Grow Room station (growing, mother plants & flowering)
  • Can be equipped with TN1x55 or TN2x55 in all temperatures
  • Also compatible with the DP120 Trays and Green Cover (up to 3 side by side)
  • Washable material inside and outside
  • 2 ventilation windows
  • 1 extraction sock and 1 cables sock

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