California Lightworks SolarSystem® 1100 UVB

  • California Lightworks SolarSystem® 1100 UVB

California Lightworks SolarSystem® 1100 UVB


  • Best For: Hobbyist or Commercial Growers, Large Space, Full Cycle

     Special Features

    • 4 x 4 ft Flowering Footrpint 
    • Replaces 1000 Watt HPS
    • Full Spectrum from Veg to Flower 
    • Programmable Spectrum 
    • UVB Boost for Bloom 

    The SolarSystem 1100 UVB (SS 1100UVB) combines our two most powerful commercial LED grow lights—the SolarSystem 1100 and the SolarSystem UVB—into one powerhouse package. Included in the package is one (1) SolarSystem 1100, two (2) SolarSystem UVBs, and a pair of special brackets to mount the SolarSystem UVBs to the SolarSystem 1100. This is a perfect setup for fans of the discontinued SolarStorm 880.

    The SolarSystem 1100 UVB is ideal as one grow light system in a tent or with multiple units chained together in a larger application. During the last two weeks of flower before harvest, chain the UVBs together for power and connect them to a timer for maximum output.

    Featuring an active thermal management system, this LED grow light system has a peak operating temperature of 107°F while consuming 0-800 watts. The SolarSystem 1100 UVB offers a 5’ x 5’ bloom coverage area. It is ideal for commercial crop production and contributes powerful light that maximizes photosynthesis while promoting a highly controlled environment.

    This commercial indoor LED lighting system is durable and energy-efficient. It is UL- and CE-certified, while a digital programmable spectrum control helps optimize output. This UVB grow lights are dimmable on three channels from 0% to 100%. The maximum light wattage is 24 W, so you get large LED grow lights with minimal impact on energy consumption.

    • Advanced LED Grow Light System
    • Replaces a 1000-watt HPS with 40% Less Energy
    • Fully Programmable Spectrum Control*
    • Higher Yields and Better Quality
    • Perfect for Propagation, Veg, or Bloom
    • Never Needs Bulbs—Easy to Install
    • Perfect for Small- or Large-Scale Grows
    • *SolarSystem Controller Required (Sold Separately)

    Actual Wattage 800 watts at max draw (plus 24w for each UVB light)
    HID Equivalent 1000 watts
    LEDs Top-Bin OSRAM diodes
    LED Life Span 50,000 hours
    Input Voltage 90 - 277V AC
    Max Current 6.6A @ 120V; 3.3A @ 240V
    Operating Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz
    Spectrum full spectrum for veg and bloom: red, white, blue, UVA and IR wavelengths; plus UVB (285 to 315 nm)
    Total PPF output 1285 umol/s
    PAR efficiency 1.55 umol/s/w
    Coverage Area 8 by 8 feet for veg, 4 by 4 feet for flowering
    Working Temperature 0°F to 107°F
    Thermal Management water resistant, replaceable fans; 50,000 hour lifespan
    Dimensions SS 1100: 18" x 18" x 4"; SS UVB: 23" x 4" x 2" (each)
    Product Weight SS 1100: 26 lbs; UVB: 2 lbs each
    Daisy Chain yes, up to 1000 units
    Package Includes 1100 fixture, 2x UVB fixtures, 2x brackets for UVB, 6 ft long 120V power cord, communications cable; discreet shipping
    Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
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