Dimensions: 36" x 9" x 1.25"

PPF / Watt: : 2.4 umol/J

Yield/Production: Yield up to 20% more overall 

Input Voltage: AC 100-265V

Input Current: 1.4A - .7A @240v

Weight: 14 lbs

Shipping Weight: 18lbs

Product includes: 120v power cord, Dimmable Driver Module, 2 Rope Ratchets, 2 Hanging Clips, 1 LED Fixture

Recommended for:

  • Grow tents (2x4) (3x5) (4x8) (8x8)
  • Grow rooms of all sizes
  •  Seedling through VEG
  • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

Warranty: 10 years

Release Date: April 2019

Packaging: Discreet shipping in a plain brown box

Shipping: Free shipping & ships within 1 business day