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Power output: 500 watts
HID equivalent: 800 watts
LEDs: 6 x Super Efficient Citizen CLU-048 Chip On Board (COB) LEDs
60 x 5 watt supplemental Top-Bin CREE XP-G2/XP-E2 LEDs (10 per module)
Optics: Patented reflector array with removable lenses in COBs

Enhanced white light spectrum peaking @660nm (~3x more than HPS/COB 3000-3500k COB only spectrum) with 6500K white, blue, IR (infrared) and UV-A/B.

Separate veg/flower spectrum

CRI: 94
PAR: No lenses installed: 1207umol @ 24", 770umol @ 36", 546umol @ 48"
Lenses installed: 2118umol @ 24", 1523umol @ 36", 974umol @ 48"
Lens angle: 90 degrees
Coverage area: Veg: 4.5' x 4.5' @ 36" above canopy
Flower: 4' x 4' @ 24" above canopy
Thermal management: 4 x premium high-CFM ball-bearing fans, Proprietary copper-core heat-sinks
Daisy chain: No
Dimensions: 21.65”x 21.65”x 3.15”
Operating temperature: Avoid extreme ambient heat
Operating/input voltage: 85v-265v AC; 4.45A @ 110v, 2.23A @ 220v; 50Hz-60Hz
Output voltage: UL standard output voltage - less than 76v DC
Product weight: 33.0 lbs
Recommended height above canopy: 20"-32"; Amare does not recommend to place the COB panel less than 28" above the canopy with lenses installed.
The special lenses are designed for high-bay applications that need a minimum of ~32" to maximize the coverage and intensity within the recommended footprint


Additional details: Aluminum housing with brilliant gloss-white powder coat

Product includes: Fixture and cord; Heavy-duty ratchet hangers and adjustable H-brackets to attach the panels together.