Triminator Dry Trimmer Automatic Dry Trimming Machine with Timer

The Triminator Dry Trimmer Automatic Dry Bud Trimmer is only 32 pounds and has handles designed for convenient transportation. It also features an ergonomic roll-back loading system to further increase mobility.

The long, narrow drum significantly increases the cutting surface to speed up the processing time. The food-grade trim bin under the machine means that the trimmer is a closed loop system and provides gentle collection for your trim.

The shear band is composed of a proprietary composite that is as strong as metal but does not create or store any additional heat. This means that you get a drum that stays cool and clean.

The drum features a turn-loc™ system for efficient swaps and easy maintenance. All Triminators are power washer safe and built for daily use.

Optional addition: Kief Kit.  Transform your trimmer into a kief extractor with a simple drum swap to get the most out of your purchase.

Pure Trim

  • No Lubricants - Keep product and trim pure.
  • Less Friction - Reduce resin loss and stickiness without building up heat.
  • Clean Extract - Produces high clarity extracts.

Thoughtful Design

  • Maximum Cutting Surface - Long narrow drum maximizes cutting surface which leads to faster trimming.
  • Perfect Cutting Speed - The perfect automatic trimmer cutting speed, slow enough to maintain the integrity of the trichomes but still quick enough to cut.
  • Impact Free - A gentle tumble lets the product be exposed to new cutting surfaces naturally with little (if any) trichome loss.

User Friendly

  • Tool Free - Disassemble and assemble with just your hands in 15 seconds or less with innovative turn-loc system. Drum swaps are fast and clean up is a breeze.
  • Ergonomic Design - Load. Run. Unload. Quick and easy with roll back design that makes trimming easy and comfortable.
  • Pressure Washable - Commercial grade materials mean the Mini Dry was made to be used. Pressure washable makes cleanup quick and easy.