Triminator Dry Trimmer Automatic Dry Trimming Machine with Timer

Triminator’s Pure Trim™ technology means that you no longer need lubricants and that heat-creating friction will be kept to a minimum, allowing for a gentle tumble and clean extracts.

Pure Trim™ technology utilizes a unique composite shear band as the cutting interface inside of the drum.

The Triminator® Dry uses commercial grade components and is designed for professional operations. This dry trimmer is also super easy to maintain. Just take the Triminator Dry Trimmer apart with its turn-loc drum system for cleaning and maintenance in just 15 seconds with only your hands. The machine is also pressure washer safe, which makes cleaning a breeze.

A dry bud trimmer is the perfect way to get an even look to your trimmed plant material with minimal room for human error and the possibility of contamination. Dispensaries have a myriad products to choose from and are increasingly picky about their choices. They usually choose to work with growers who can provide consistent results and high-quality products. The included trim bin makes the dry bud trimmer a closed loop system that catches valuable trim to be used for further processing and extraction. Your trim will be clean, beautiful, and lubricant free.

Product Features

  • Fast and easy trimming at up to 56 pounds daily
  • Easy pull pin pivot system for ergonomic use
  • The turn-loc™ system lets you remove the drum quickly without tools for cleaning or drum swapping for non-stop trimming
  • No need for lubricants
  • The batch timer gives users the option to set a time and come back when it’s done
  • Easy to clean - fully pressure washable
  • Add Kief Kit and turn your trimmer into a kiefer

Add Kief Kit and enjoy even more benefits!

Triminator Kief Kit creates a more versatile machine by swapping out the trimming drum with a 150-micron mesh drum. This leads to excellent kief extraction. Triminator designed the kiefing system to be an extension to their machines for a more well-rounded machine for growers and producers.


Q: What happens to the trim?
A: The trim falls into an attached food grade bin rather than being processed through a vacuum or fan blades. This refined process keeps the leaf structure intact while getting rid of trauma to your product. This results in light, clear, pure extracts.

Q: Does it damage the flowers?
A: No, the gentle tumble moves your product naturally without the need for brushes or metal arms damaging your precious flowers.

Q: How many times do I have to run the product through the machine?
A: Just a single time. The batch process is designed so you can load the machine, set the timer, and forget it until it’s done. You don’t need to make multiple passes or constantly monitor the machine’s progress.

Q: What lubricants should I use?
A: There is no need for lubricant use with the Triminator®. The machine offers Pure TrimTM patented technology to keep your products and trim pure and dry. This trimmer has zero metal on metal contact.

Q: How do you clean it?
A: Triminator® disassembles in seconds with only your hands and can be pressure washed clean quickly and efficiently. Alcohol wipes and spray can also be used to ensure the cleanliness of your machine.

Q: How do I adjust the cutting clearance?
A: Triminator® has perfected the cutting clearance adjustment. Just adjust the tension knob until the shear band comes into contact with the drum, then you’re done!

Q: Are there any accessories that go with the machine?
A: Yes, you can purchase the Kief Kit, which quickly turns your trimmer into a dual use trim/kief machine.