Rapid LED Single 75W LED Grow Light

The Rapid LED Single 75W LED grow light delivers 75 watts of intense full spectrum light straight out of the box. The Single 75W can provide lighting to grow areas up to 3 square feet and makes a good supplemental or corner light due to its small size.

The Rapid Single 75W uses a Top Bin CREE CXB3590 LED and comes in 7 different color temperatures to cover your needs. For more control, add the optional dimmer to adjust light intensity according to your plant’s needs.

      What's Included

      • 1 x CREE CXB3590 LED w holder
      • 1 x 160mm pin heatsink
      • 1 x Meanwell XBG-100-48X driver
      • 1 x ANGELINA Extra Wide Reflector with holder
      • 1 x SurSeal Thermal Pad
      • 1 x Universal Wire Connector
      • 1 x 10' power cord (US)


        • Ready to hang and use, no assembly required

        Product Details 

        • Wattage Draw : ~75W From LED
        • LEDs : Top Bin CREE CXB3590
        • Driver : Mean Well XBG-100-48X
        • Flower Coverage Area : ~2 Square Feet
        • Veg Coverage Area : ~3 Square Feet
        • PPFD : See Chart In Product Images