The Bruteless™ Pro system is designed for laboratories and high volume bubble  washing operations to produce high volumes of ice water product. With the 65 gallon Bruteless™ as the main wash vessel, you can easily wash up to 18,000 fresh frozen grams per run. Combined here with the PurePressure water pump and hose kits, you can attain levels of throughput and efficiency never before possible.

Note: stainless steel table pictured is not included.

  • 30%+ increased efficiency with the pumps and hoses, leading to incredible water management and significantly lessened bodily strain while washing your product
  • The included 30 gallon Bruteless™ washer is the perfect size that pairs with any 20 gallon Bubblebag kit as a high efficiency drain vessel
  • Bruteless™ vessels are 100% FDA food grade compliant and feature sanitary welded stainless steel. Extremely easy to clean with no nooks or crannies for bacteria/mold to grow
  • A removable stainless steel false bottom protects your trichomes during the wash process, keeping your ice and work bags 3" above your Integrated baffles create a turbulent-free zone at the bottom of the Bruteless™ washer
  • Thick 1" cryogenic insulated sleeve dramatically reduces ice usage by up to 50%. Insulation is removable for cleaning as necessary.
  • Each Bruteless™ washer offers three strategically placed separate drain/fill ports: one to fill, one to skim, and one to drain. A sturdy stainless steel lid is also included

The Pro system includes all of the following:

A 65 gallon Bruteless™ vessel, a 30 gallon Bruteless™ vessel for draining, 2 standard gasket/clamp/port cover kits, 2 ball drain valves, 2 water pump kits, 2 complete hose kits, a sight glass, a check valve, stainless steel and polyethylene wash paddle, and a water pump remote control. Each barrel is hand ground and polished to help prevent contaminants. The only thing not included in the Pro kit pictured is the stainless steel table.

Capacity (fresh frozen, wet weight)

  • 65 Gallon: up to 18,000 grams

Washer Dimensions

  • 30 Gallon: Height: 28.5" - Diameter: 18.75"
  • 65 Gallon: Height: 23.25" - Diameter: 30" 

    What is a sanitary weld?

    "What is a sanitary weld, you ask? It's a weld that is 100% penetrated and has a smooth face where it will contact the product. This ensures easy and reliable cleaning and no crevices or oxidation to harbor bacteria and crud. This weld joint is very common in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and dairy industries." - Source