The New Optic LED Slim 600H Gen2 Vertical Farming LED Grow Light takes Vertical Farming into a new era. Slim 600H Gen2 is the vertical farming LED Grow Light that is engineered to be superior and outperforms all of the Vertical Farming LEDs on the market today. Fully equipped with the latest in High End LED technology from the best of Samsung, & the best from Meanwell. Slim 600H Gen2 is a massive 42" x 42" fixture that delivers uniform light intensity and promotes uniform growth across your canopy. Dimming gives you full control of your intensity and allows you to only use what you need taking efficiency to the next level, reducing BTU output, and extending the lifespan of the fixture. 

           The key to unleashing the full potential of Samsung's Vertical Farming LEDs is the number of LEDs used per watt of Electricity. Most companies are using 2.5 LEDs per watt or less which only unlocks a portion of the full potential. The Slim 600H Gen2 is using 4.6 LEDs per watt which increases the cost but also delivers industry-best efficacy for LED Grow Lights with Samsung Horticulture Series LEDs at 3.0 umols/j. Double Row LED strips with 2,768 LEDs total all being underdriven to max efficiency to deliver next-generation Par efficacy and a mind-blowing 1200+ PPFD at 10" & 12".  The Slim 600H Gen2 integrates Samsungs all-new record-breaking LH351H Red and Blue LEDs which are proven to be the most efficient bloom enhancers on the mainstream market today giving you a balanced Spectrum that can be easily absorbed in higher intensities and allow you to get the light as close as 10" from the Canopy. 

         Slim 600H Gen2 is for growers who want to grow with the latest and greatest LED Tech from Samsung and their new Horticulture specific line of LEDs. Slim 600H Gen2 is the first Vertical Farming style of light to integrate Blue LEDs with the Red LEDs to make the light easier to absorb at high intensities and promote the best possible bud quality. Slim 600H Gen 1 was also the first to feature Samsung's LM301H LEDs in a high-power LED grow Light that flowers a 4x4 area or bigger now Slim 600h Gen 2 the 1st 600w led to use Samsungs NEW LH351H diodes. Slim 600H Gen2 is also the first to deliver over 4.5 LEDs per watt with Samsung LED Tech and the first to be engineered with a ppf/w rating of 3.0 umols/j. Imagine what a Slim600H Gen2 can do for your garden!


Coverage Footprint:

Flower:                                           Veg:           

4' x 4' area (1.2m x 1.2m)                4' x 4' area (Up to 7' x 7' area)

Max: 5' x 5' area (1.5m x 1.5m)   

         (4' x 4' Grow Tent / 1.2m x 1.2m)



Hanging Height : 

Flower: 10"-24"    

Pro Tips: It's always best to set the light up higher and let the plants grow up into the light.
Recommended Dimmer Settings & Hanging Height:   
Seedling: 36"+    / 25% Power
Vegetative: 48" + / 50% Power (or 24" @ 25% Power)


Wk1-3 - @24-30""     / 50% Power
Wk4-6 @18" - 24"  / 75% Power
Wk7-8 @18" - 24"  / 100% Power
Wk9-10 @12" - 18" / 100% Power



Slim 600H Gen2 Components:

LEDs: 2,768 Total LEDs 

White LEDs: 

- 2,688 Top Bin Samsung LM301H LEDs   

Bloom Enhancers:

- 48 Samsung LH351H Deep Red LEDs 

- 24 Samsung LH351H Royal Blue LEDs

- 8 LG UV LEDs