Best For: Hobbyist, Commercial, Large Space, Full Cycle

 Special Features

  • Large footprint 4 x 4ft (Flower), 5 x 5ft (Veg)
  • Replaces 1000 Watt HPS
  • Top Bin CREE CXB3590 COB LEDs
  • Full spectrum from Vegetative to Flowering
  • 3-Way Dimming Capability
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty (10 Years)

Product includes:

  • 1x Brand New Optic 4XL LED Fixture
  • 120v power cord
  • 4 Rope Ratchet Hangers

120v-240v power cords available, we automatically ship the correct power cord for your country

Essential Info on the Optic 4XL COB Grow Light

Now the even more power & efficient Optic 4XL NextGen loaded with all top of the line, high end led components to give you unmatched yield and potency combination. Each COB now driven at up to 100 watts each with better cooling. Loaded with nearly 3x as many bloom enhancers with the upgraded CREE XPE Deep Reds and Royal Blue LEDs for a maximum in crop quality. Optic 4XL has proven itself to produce Mega Yields with chart-topping bud quality and resin production. 

Optic 4XL's Overbuilt Cooling System and 10-100 dimmability guarantees minimal heat output and power consumption. Growing with the Optic 4 XL you can expect to yield up to 2.31 pounds per harvest which is an incredible 2.25 grams per watt. Utilizing the Latest in commercial grade COB LED lighting technology we are now able to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the Optic 4XL.

Biggest Improvements of the new model

The new Optic 4XL NextGen is the controller ports, bloom enhancers upgrade adding 50 more watts & Cooling system upgrade. You can now add the Optic LED 7" Touchscreen Master controller to take your grow to a whole new level that very few growers get the opportunity to operate at. You will have the Automated Sunrise and Sunset feature which is very easy to set up and have a lot of benefits. The automated sunrise saves you a lot of power on the light fixture and with air conditioning costs. Most importantly your plants will love you even more and you will instantly see signs of less stress and more robust growth.           


The New NextGen Bloom Enhancer array is absolutely amazing! All new everything, loaded with 5x as many LEDs from Samsung & CREE and now driving at 100 watts of power bringing total fixture max power from 450w to 500w. The New X pattern design with double rows spreads the special light from these bloom enhancers all across your garden. Optic 4XL NextGen is highly refined and it will take your crop quality and yields to the next level. 
Patented Pending Optic 4XL NextGen 500 watt Dimmable LED Grow Light delivers a highly refined more powerful version compared to the first-gen Optic 4XL.

Optic 4XL NextGen Unboxing and Review

Optic 4XL NextGen Components:
  • Max Power: 500 watts
  • HID equivalent: 1000 watt DE HPS
  • Bloom Enhancer Array
  • Red LEDs: CREE XPE 660nm Deep Red LEDs - 16 pcs
  • Blue LEDs: CREE XPE 460nm Royal Blue LEDs - 8 pcs
  • White LEDs: Samsung LM301H Horticulture Series LEDs - 144 pcs
  • Ultra Violet: UV LED chips - 2pcsInfrared: IR LED chips - 2 pcs
  • 4 Total CREE Xlamp CXB3590 COB LEDs
  • 4 x 3500k Daylight White CXB3590 COB LEDs
  • Each COB is 137w max & under driven @100w max at full power

COBs: 4 Units USA Made CREE XLAMP CXB3590

Optics: Bloom Enhancers: Primary & Secondary 120 Degree Lenses
COBs:120 Degree Lenses
Drivers:  2 Commercial Grade Meanwell Dimmable Drivers (Industry Best)
Thermal management: 5 x cooling fans, slotted housing & overbuilt Aluminum heat sinks.

COB Holder: Soderless COB Holder 

Optics: COBS are outfitted with high-quality 120-degree glass lens standard.  Glass Lens Directs light downwards, magnifies par, and increases canopy penetration by up to 200%. 
Recommended Coverage area & hanging height :

  • Veg: 5' x 5' @30" 
  • Flower: 4' x 4' @18"- 24" (1.2m x 1.2m)
  • or 5' x 5' (1.5m x 1.5m) Max
Recommended hanging height:
    120 degree LENS for 4x4
    • Veg:      2 4"-30"         (.6m - .75m)
    • Flower: 16"-20"          (.4m - .5m)
    120 degree LENS for 5x5
    • Veg:      24"-30"          (.6m - .75m)
    • Flower: 18"-24"          (.4m - .5m) 

    Light Controls:


    Switch#2:Turns COBs ON & OFF (Controls all 4 CREE COBS together)
    Switch#1: Turns Bloom Enhancer ON & OFF (Controls all 112 Samsung 301H and CreeXPE LEDs)
    Switch #1 & Switch#2: ON (Full Power)

    COBs Dimmer: Tune your 4 COBs between 10-100% Power

    Bloom Enhancers: Dial in your Bloom Enhancer between 10-100% Power
    Bloom Enhancer Specs:
    - Bloom Enhancers Driven at 100 watts (on max Power )
    - 16 pcs CREE XPE 660 nm

    Deep Red LEDs 

    - 8 pcs CREE XPE 460nm Royal Blue LEDs

    - 144 pcs Samsung LM301H 3500k top bin LEDs. - 4 LEDs per Lens. 

    - 2 pcs Ultra Violet LEDs (Dim Purple LED)
    - 2 pcs Infrared LEDs (Dim Red Dot)


    Optics : 
    CREE CXB3590 COBs: 120 Degree Wide Beam Glass Lens
    Samsung LM301H LEDS: 120 Degree Wide Beam Primary & Secondary Lens
    CREE XPE LEDs: 120 Degree Primary & Secondary Wide Beam Lens

    UL Listing: (Pre Approved & Pending as of 9/2020 )

    Q & A:

    Q: What is the benefit of the Touchscreen Controller

    A: Automated Sunrise & Sunset feature built into the master controller helps you recreate mother nature to tap into the full potential of your crop. 
    Ex: You can set at 7:00 AM for your Optic 4XL to come on with just the Bloom Enhancers to click on then have the COBs click on 30 minutes later and gradually increase intensity over time and your plants will love you for it.