Trimmer Feed Conveyor (Inbound)

The Trimmer Feed Conveyor is designed to withstand the rigors of a commercial producer environment, comply with FDA standards, and surpass strict QA / health and safety regulations while optimizing trimming systems through ergonomic, easy-to-use design.

Eliminate product loss and keep your conveyor running efficiently with sidewalls designed to overlap the belt. No loose product gets caught under the sidewalls or lost under the belt. Easy-to-use variable speed belt adjustment gets the optimum amount of throughput into the trimmer consistently. Toolless height adjustment allows you to easily increase height when using a rail system to speed up throughput.

Trimmer Feed Conveyors are made entirely of FDA compliant materials ensuring a fast, consistent clean that reduces downtime while safeguarding against product contamination. 

  • Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel makes up the bed, casters, and walls.
  • Polyurethane ensures that the belt and wheels are able to withstand commercial cleaners and sanitizers.
  • FDA compliant coating encases electrical components.
  • FDA compliant plastics and materials make up small components and bearings.
  • Even the lubricant within the bearings is FDA compliant in case of incidental contact with flower.

Get a Quicker, More Thorough Clean

Toolless removable sidewalls and flip-up lip allow for easy, thorough cleaning while preventing any product from getting trapped under the sidewalls or the conveyor belt, which could potentially stall the motor. All materials are rated for washdown and are resistant to corrosion from commercial cleaners and sanitizers.

  • A one-piece bed, smooth surfaces, and seamless design eliminate cracks, crevices, and hollow extrusions that are susceptible to contamination 
  • Wheels and lock casters allow easy moveability for cleaning in different locations
  • Meet QA standards and save time with a simple finish wipe down

The Trimmer Feed Conveyor is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and physical stress to help workers stay alert when performing QC. Easy-to-use variable speed belt adjustment eliminates lag when loading ensuring that the trimmer works at maximum capacity. Easy-to-use toolless adjustable legs ensure an efficient and comfortable work environment.


If you’re scaling up a commercial production, the Trimmer Feed Conveyor’s extendable height provides a wide range of height adjustment so that you can increase the incline of the trimming system and allow for more machines to be put in a row.

FDA-Approved QC Conveyor

FDA-approved Feed Conveyor provides up to 20% improvement in speed and consistency of trimming.

Keep Things Moving

The Feed Conveyor makes it easy to ensure the machine is always being fed with the right amount of flowers, hour after hour. No downtime. No lag.

Use Feed or QC Conveyors with the T2 or T4. Or both.

Conveyors are adjustable in height and a perfect match for both the T2 and the new T4.