The Mobius Tumbler & Brush Washer takes a sizeable bite out of cleaning your M108S Trimmer. Built from rugged stainless steel and powered by a 1/8 hp motor, the Tumbler & Brush Washer automatically cleans your AirThread Tension Tumbler and brush bar to a level difficult to achieve manually.

Simply attach the tumbler and brush bar to the mounting points, add a mixture of warm water and your preferred cleaning solution to the basin, and switch the unit on. In 5 minutes your AirThread Tension Tumbler and brush bar will be deep cleaned to the same extent as soaking and scrubbing each item for 30 minutes.

Mobius Tumbler & Brush Washer Features

  • Automatically cleans tumbler and brush to a level hard to achieve by hand 
  • Reduces total clean time to 5 minutes from 60 minutes 
  • Full stainless-steel construction 
  • IP67 wash-down rated 1/8 hp motor 
  • Easy to access front-mounted controls with emergency stop 
  • 4 swivel castors with locks plus side-mounted handles for easy positioning 
  • 1.5” brass drain spout with hose for quick and easy dirty water discharge