Mobius Mill M210 Commercial Plant Waste Shredder Machine

It slices, it dices. The Mobius M210 is a continuous throughput mill that delivers fine and consistent plant material for cost effective extraction or beautiful ground product. Add dry flower and trim of any size to the all-stainless steel construction and the M210 will produce a perfect, consistent grind with minimal powder. The unit has several screen options to customize output ranging from coarse-to-fine. The all stainless-steel construction is easy to clean and ready for GMP facilities. Milled plant material can be caught in the included tote or an optional conveyor for fully automated workflows.

Mobius Mill M210 Key Features

  • 110 lbs per hour dry
  • 5 screen options ranging from coarse-to-fine output
  • Quality 304 stainless construction
  • Indoor non-marking castors for easy positioning
  • GMP compliant and easy to clean
  • Ergonomic design for perpetual operation