Kind LED X420 Targeted Full Spectrum 420 Watt LED Grow Light

Kind LED’s latest addition to their stellar lineup is the Kind LED X420 LED Grow Light. They’ve brought the best of the flagship X² light together with a new form factor enhanced just for smaller grow spaces. An optimized spectrum doubles its PPF, it weighs 38% less, includes top shelf horticultural diodes with double the lifespan, and 350% better light distribution.

Faster, Healthier Growth
2x Increased PPF

Grow More for Less
50% Greater Efficiency

Greater Returns From Your Grow Room

3.5x Improved Light Distribution

Unlock Your Plants’ Full Potential

Independent, Precision UV/IR Control

Safe. Simple. Easy.

Lightweight, Low-Profile, Superior Design

    Maximized Yields with Precision UV/IR Control

    UV and IR are essential for increasing flower development but are only needed in the last stages of flowering. Kind LED have placed this spectrum as an independently controlled channel so you can decide when to use them to increase secondary metabolite production (which increases both potency and terpenes) without wasting energy or risking unwanted stretching during early growth phases.

      Beyond Full Spectrum

      Kind’s Targeted Full Spectrum light has been engineered specifically for horticultural use to maximize harvest weight and plant quality. Their spectrum is the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of field testing in Northern California’s medicinal plant industry.

      Efficacy Does Not Equal Results

      High efficacy diodes are capable of producing a lot of visible light, but much of that is wasted as heat energy. Most high efficacy diodes have been designed for home or office use rather than horticulture and lack the spectral range needed to provide plants with all their needs. Most white diodes are cheaper to produce and measure high in efficacy but use a spectrum that creates wasted light for plants. 

      Grow Bigger with a Lower Profile

      The New X Series’ external driver mount gives you a 60% reduction in light height for more grow space and a 25% reduction in heat output.

      California Innovation. Industry Leading Support.

      KIND LED (4X Gear of the Year Winner) has been innovating the LED market since 2014. Their team of growers, engineers, and medicinal plant experts lead their innovations in plant-first spectrums and continue to push the limits of what is possible with LED grow lights.