Best For: Hobbyist, Commercial, Medium Space, Full Cycle

 Special Features

  • Generous 2.5 x 3.5 ft footprint 
  • Replaces 450 Watt HPS
  • Full spectrum from Vegetative to Flowering
  • Efficient, energy saving technology
  • 50,000+ hrs lifespan

Why You'll Love This Kind LED Grow Light: 

The 3 watt diodes incorporate the perfect blend of intensity, efficiency, durability, and low operating temperature, making them the superior choice. The Kind K3 Series has won multiple awards for a reason! 

The 12-band spectrum that provides your plants every lighting component needed for robust and complete growth, throughout all stages of their life cycle, from vegetative to flowering.

Kind LED use the revolutionary “secondary optical lens” to penetrate deep into the plant canopy to reach secondary and tertiary levels, thus maximizing yields by creating a higher overall number of viable dense flowering sites. 

The Kind K3 L450 provides a generous 2.5 x 3.5ft footprint, improving yields across the entire canopy space. With Kind LED, 3.5ft means 3.5ft!

Lastly, (as if that wasn't enough!) you can expect to save between 40-50% on your power bill, when compared to HPS of a similar wattage. An investment worth making!

10 Reasons to Buy This Grow Light from Us

Reasons the Kind K3 Series are the best LED Grow Lights:

  1. It uses a proprietary 12 bandwidth spectrum comprised of 3 watt diodes that run at 650mA.  Lesser LED grow lights run at 500mA with only a 6 bandwidth spectrum.
  2. Thick, heavy duty 2 CM aluminum heat sinks that dissipate heat much more efficiently than other LED lights, making Kind LED lights run more effectively and cooler leading to longer life spans and increased performance.
  3. Revolutionary “Secondary Optical Lens” for maximum photosynthetic penetration from plant top to base, considerably increasing "under canopy" production and yield.
  4. These Kind LED lights will match or outperform any other 450 Watt LED grow light, including much higher priced brands. Guaranteed!