HLG 600H LED kit has an output equivalent of a massive 1000W DE HPS. The 600 Watt Kit is powered with HLG's custom designed high efficiency QB288 V2 3000K Quantum Board, with dimensions of 740mm x 395mm.

The kit is super easy to construct, and requires no soldering (see video below).

The kit also comes with the new Version 2 Quantum Boards and a total of 1152 Highest Bin Samsung LM301B LED's. The most efficient grow light kit on the market.

Enjoy lower energy cost, less heat and more output, a 7% efficiency gain over the previous model! The HLG 600H kit is all round incredible value.

HLG 600H Kit Assembly Instructions

  • 4 x QB288 V2 R-Spec USA-made Quantum Board with Samsung LM301B + 660nm Deep Red Top-Bin Diodes
  • 1 x Slate 5 Quad Predrilled 740mm Heat Sink
  • 1 x Inventronics EUD-600 driver (better surge protection, AUX out for fan or controller)
  • 1 X Potentiometer (50k Ohm) - dimmable from 10-100% (0-10v)
  • 1 x 8FT NEMA 5-15P Power Cord or equivalent for standard 120VAC (The driver is rated for up to 277v)
  • 1 x AC Cable Joiner - IP68 Waterproof for Power Cord to Driver's AC Connection
  • 4' Solid Core Wire
  • 4 Wago Connectors for DC wiring
  • Hanger Clips
  • 1000W+ HID replacement
  • 620W power draw
  • Lamp Efficacy: 2.4 µmol/J
  • 4'x4' to 5'x5' flowering footprint; 7'x7' veg footprint
  • Light output: 1500 PPF
  • 3000K full-spectrum white light for full-cycle or flowering applications
  • Reliable passively-cooled design
  • No thermal interface is required between the LED board and the heatsink
  • No soldering required