Growers Choice Bloom Boost UV-R Bar (ROI-E720)

The Grower's Choice Bloom Boost UV-Bar is a “Plug and Play” system read to go out of the box with no additional wiring. The bar set is designed specifically to work with the ROI-E720 to provide 6 diverse wavelengths for improved photosynthesis performance! This bloom booster delivers controllable light when used with the GC Master Controller via its dimmable LEDs or rotatable mirror lenses that can easily be adjusted to meet the specific needs of you plant’s growth.

The Bloom Boost UV Bars are easy to use and fully controllable either via an external controller or manually using the switches on the fixture itself. Use the easy to follow instructions on the fixture's decals to set the manual dimmer. When pairing this fixture with a controller, you will need RJ14 data cables and Grower's Choice recommends that the Bloom Boost be put into its own separate group when using a controller.

What's Included

  • Bloom Boost UV-R Bar Set
  • RJ14 cord
  • Mounting Clips

    Not Included

    • ROI-E720
    • Lighting Controller