What's a Water Chiller? 

A water chiller is an appliance that cools the temperature of the water it's submerged in. They're often used in a hydroponic system for growing plants, or in an aquarium/ fish tank. A water chiller will keep the water at a cool, consistent temperature allowing your system to thrive. 

Plants in hydroponic setups thrive in slightly cooler water temperatures, for a few reasons:

  • Cooler water temperatures fend off root rot and algae growth
  • Cooler water temperatures allow for a higher amount of dissolved oxygen to be in the water tank, allowing for peak nutrient absorption.  
  • Stable, cool temperatures will prevent your plant from being shocked by temperature fluctuations, allowing for happier, healthier plants.
  • By providing cool and stable water temperatures, it allows your plant to thrive, resulting in higher quality and higher quantity yields. 


The Grobo Water Chiller allows you to set a specific temperature on the unit and will keep your water tank at that ideal temperature. This is extremely helpful as it allows you to keep your Grobo or other hydroponic systems in a room that otherwise may be too warm or unstable for your plants to thrive. 


What Temperature Should My Hydroponic Water Be? 

We recommend setting the water chiller to 69-70 °F (20.5 - 21 °C). This is the ideal temperature for your plant to flourish in. 

Is a Water Chiller Really Necessary? 

If your hydroponic system is consistently the same temperature, and no warmer than 73°F, you most likely don't need a water chiller. If the temperature of your room is fluctuating a lot, and you're noticing your tank is on the warmer side, we recommend getting a water chiller. Your plant will be much happier in cooler water, and you will be happier with the results of using one. 


How Do I Use a Water Chiller? 

Some hydroponic water chillers are much more difficult and complex to use. Some require pumps, and plenty of education to be able to use it efficiently. The Grobo Water Chiller is pumpless and extremely easy to use. This is why our chiller is one of the best on the market. 

With the Grobo Water Chiller, all you need to do is place your Grobo Water Chiller into the water chiller lid (sold separately) in your Grobo, set the temperature, and walk away! It's that simple!

This water chiller will work in other hydroponic systems or aquariums as well.