Includes 3x.
Humidity Domes
Includes Easy
Planting Tweezers

Grobo StartTM is designed to help you start your seeds the easy way.

Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box in Living Room
3x Peat
3x Humidity
1x Tweezers
2x Seed Covers
10x Micro Nutrients
10x Macro Nutrients
Combine with a Grobo Premium / Solid and save up to 3-5 weeks per grow!
Grobo StartTM uses energy efficient LED lights, keeping your energy costs low!

There's an App For that

With the Grobo Companion App, you can easily:

  • Track your Grow
  • Get educational notifications
  • Keep a grow journal with photos and notes
  • Transfer your grow to a Grobo Premium or Solid with a single click

Note: The Grobo StartTM does not connect to WiFi

Boost Your Grow

The included nutrient packets will help your plant grow happy and healthy!

  • Faster Growth
  • Increasing Yield
  • Easy to Use

Just tear open the sachets and drop them in every time you change the water.

Adjustable Height

We now sell additional
Grobo Start Light Extensions so you can grow taller plants in your Grobo Start.

Designed to Work with Your Grobo Grow Box

1. Press Transfer on the App

2. Move Your Peat Pod

3. Watch it Grow