Wondering which Pod you need? 

The Coco Pod fits perfectly inside a gen 1 Grobo Solid or Premium and will give your plant the ideal environment it needs to thrive for its entire life. The gen 1 units came pre-assembled, so if your unit arrived fully assembled this is the pod you need. Our coco pods are made from high-quality coco husk.

The Peat Pod fits perfectly inside the gen 2 Grobo Solid or Premium and the Grobo Start. The Peat Pod fits inside a basket, so if you have a small basket for your pod, this is the one you need. These pods are made from high-quality peat moss and provides your plant with the perfect home. 


What else comes in this kit? 

The Carbon Filter is excellent at reducing the scent of your plant. All you need to do is slide it into the compartment on your Grobo and it will last for the duration of your grow.


The nutrients are specially designed to work with a Grobo Solid or Premium. Your Grobo will automatically dose the perfect amount of each nutrient based on whichever Grow Recipe you selected in the app. Your Grobo also automatically adjusts the pH of the water inside the unit, keeping it in the perfect range for your plant.

Grobo nutrients are simple to use; all you need to do is unscrew the cap, attach the silicon cap, push the tube attached to your Grobo into the bottle, and walk away. Grobo will do all the dosing for you. 


The Pruning Shears have durable, stainless steel blades for easy cleaning and longevity. These blades have a micro-precision tip so you can trim off exactly what you want to and nothing else. These shears are ambidextrous and have a locking mechanism for safe storage. 


The 60X-100X Microscope is perfect for inspecting for pests or determining when your plant is ready to harvest. This microscope allows you to see things you wouldn't be able to see with just your eyes. You can use this microscope with your Smartphone to take pictures or use it on its own to just inspect. 


The Support Racks are perfect for supporting your plant as it grows, performing low-stress training, or hanging your plant to dry when it's finished growing. They're magnetic and easily attach to the walls of your Grobo, allowing you to use them over and over again. 3 support racks come in a bag.