ChilLED Gen 2 800W LED Grow Light is designed to replace 1000 Watt DE & SE HPS Grow Lights – for maximum energy savings with same or improved yield and crop quality.

1 – Real 800 watt power draw – none of the silly marketing nonsense with “LED watts vs Electrical watts”

– Patented 3X cooling platform – Liquid, onboard fans & ducted manifolds. Works for any cooling situation – the only one in the world!

3 – Network communication, full spectrum control and much more via External Light Controller – up to 255 lights per network, 4,000ft total cable length.

4 – White Only Mode – See your plants like you’re in the sun – no more struggling under purple colors.

5 – Proudly made in the USA using powder coated aluminum construction. Thermally protected for your safety (light will turn off if overheated & alert you via external controller) – most other LED grow lights have NO thermal protection.

LED Chips Used on Gen 2 Max Yield PCBs

  • Samsung LM561C 3000K S6

  • Lumileds Luxeon C Red

  • Lumileds SunPlus 20 Deep Red

  • Lumileds SunPlus 20 Royal Blue

  • Everlight EAUVA35352

Tap into advanced features with the External Light Controller: 

Can be used with any combination of one or more of our LED grow lights for complete control over all aspect of your grow lights system.

One controller can control 255 lights at up to 4,000ft total cable length.

Maximum reliability via wired industrial strength RS485 network for trouble free communication. Unlike problematic wireless alternatives that suffer from signal loss due to interference, attenuation from walls and other physical barriers, etc.

No need for timers, the controller will control when the lights turn on and off through the network.

System features:

  • Powered by your grow light through 1 network cable, no wall plug needed.

  • Real time clock with precision crystal oscillator.

  • Super capacitor for power loss backup of time and settings.

  • Vegetative schedule with 24 hour on/off timer and blue/white/red light ratio control in 1% steps.

  • Generative schedule with 24 hour on/off timer and blue/white/red light ratio control in 1% steps.

  • Sunrise & Sunset simulation feature – turn on/off both or either for enhanced sunlike behaviour.

  • White only mode – one button press will switch all grow lights to white light output – see your plants like in sunlight.

  • White only mode timer – set a time length for white mode to self reset back to full spectrum – just in case you forget to switch it back yourself.

  • Temperature monitoring of all grow lights on the network, with real time notification of high temp condition and automatic light shutdown of the overheating light fixture, the rest continue to run on schedule.

  • External switch input – turn many networks/controllers to white only mode from just one switch.

No other LED grow light system is this feature packed available anywhere, at any price.

This light is available with various cooling systems, control systems, power cord lengths and plug types.