CenturionPro HP Tabletop Bucking Machine

CenturionPro’s HP TableTop Bucker is the most compact and cost-efficient bucker available. The HP TableTop utilizes two rollers to pull the plant stem into the de-stemmer to pop flowers off at an exceptional rate. Built to handle stems up to 3/8”, with 2- hole sizes to strip plants gently and thoroughly, this efficient destemming machine can process up to 75 lbs/hr wet and up to 15 lbs/hr dry. The HP Tabletop’s impressive power and precision are driven by a 0.5 HP motor with variable speed control for enhanced flexibility when bucking wet or dry plants.

This exclusive bucking solution was designed with portability in mind, weighing only 46 pounds, the HP TableTop comes with a sturdy  stainless-steel carrying handle so you're ready to buck on the go with discretion. 

HPTT Bucker Stand Upgrade

Upgrade your HPTT Bucker to include an HPTT Bucker Stand that allows you to combine your TableTop Bucker with the world’s top home-grower trimming systems such as the CenturionPro TableTop and Twister T6.

CenturionPro HP Tabletop Bucking Machine Purchase Options

CenturionPro HP TableTop Bucker

CenturionPro HP TableTop Bucker & Stand

CenturionPro HP TableTop Bucker & Centurion Pro Tabletop Trimmer Bundle