Centurion Pro XL MegaBucker Debudder & Bucking Machine

The Centurion Pro XL Megabucker is truly a feat of design and engineering expertise. With two fixed-speed conveyors for removing stems and flowers and one variable-speed conveyor for delivering unprocessed product to operators this destemming and bucking machine is a high-performance marvel. Easily clear jams with the XL’s reversible rollers and its removable panels give you the ability to clear the rollers simply and easily.

Industry Leading Performance

XThe XL MegaBucker is a destemming goliath that can process up to 2400 lbs/hr wet and 480 lbs/hr dry with up to 16 operators.

Efficient And Portable

The XL's 3500 lb capacity, 2” ball hitch, twin 3500 lb axles, and steel belted radial tires make this debudder and bucker perfect for the large operation looking for maximum portability. The 220 volt, 60hz, 70amp maximum power draw and easy to remove panels help make this the most efficient bucking machine on the market.

Total Versatility

The CP XL MegaBucker bucking machine features two fixed-speed conveyors for removing stems and flowers plus one variable-speed conveyor for moving the unprocessed product to operators. Easily clear jams with reversible rollers and the removable panels allow you to clear the rollers simply and easily.

Industry Leading Performance

  • Bucks 2400 lbs/hr wet (480 lbs/hr dry)
  • Twin 3500 lbs axles with 205/75R15 Steel belted radial tires
  • 220 volt, 60hz, 70 amp single source max power draw
  • Variable roller RPM, 0-140 RPM

Complete Quality, Control & Versatility

  • Variable speed conveyor provides controls for both speeds and direction of the variable speed conveyor, allowing for fast or slow belt speed
  • Faster speeds work best for wet material and slower speeds work best for dry material
  • Emergency stop safety switch on two separate control boxes on opposite sides of the machine allow for quick stop, and clearing of the nozzles when jams occur.
  • Fully compliant with health and safety authorities, GMP and FDA quality

Industrial Quality & Toughness

  • The motors used for powering the rollers use a sophisticated design with streamlined power supply and factory programmed control module
  • Forward and aft operator control boxes
  • Machine is built into a trailer and designed for complete portability
  • Stainless steel face plates for easier cleaning and health & safety compliance

    Product Features

    • Two fixed speed conveyers for stem and flower removal
    • One variable speed conveyor for unprocessed product delivery to operators, to make your bucking process much more efficient
    • Reversible rollers make clearing jams a breeze
    • Quickly removable panels allow for easy roller access and cleaning
    • Non-slip expandable metal safety decking
    • Pressure washing can be used with caution, rubber rollers can be washed by hand scrubbing with soap and water