California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500's high-efficiency LEDs provide an output that draws less energy and results in much lower costs than traditional LED lights. At the same time, the SolarXtreme 500 LED grow light puts out the full spectrum, and there’s no need to adjust the system based on changes to your yield. You can, therefore, optimize plant health and get more of it per wattage. In fact, this light consumes as much as half the electricity of traditional LED greenhouse lights.

Product Documents

 SolarXtreme 500 Product Manual

Recommended Hanging Height

  • Veg: 24"
  • Bloom: 18"

Product Includes

  • Fixture
  • 120V power cord
  • Hangers


  • 500 μmol/m2/s Distance (Veg): 24"
  • 800 μmol/m2/s Distance (Flower): 18"