California Lightworks SolarXtreme 1000 LED Grow Light

The SolarXtreme 1000 is the perfect LED grow light for anyone wanting a full-spectrum grow light for their indoor garden. This efficient and extremely effective light uses an innovative COB (chip on board), in addition to direct AC drive technology, which eliminates the need for large, energy-guzzling LED drivers. This means you get high-efficiency LEDs at a much more affordable price than traditional LEDs. The SolarXtreme shines with a full spectrum that’s perfect for all stages of plant growth without having to make constant adjustments.

The SolarXtreme’s low heat signature will not just conserve energy, but will protect your yield as well. Precision controls allow you to pair the SolarXtreme 1000 with almost any indoor plant, flower, or vegetable. This LED grow light produces more yield per watt than any other comparable indoor LED grow light.

Product Documents

 SolarXtreme 1000 Product Manual

Coverage Area

  • Veg: up to 6' x 6'
  • Bloom: up to 5' x 5'

Recommended Hanging Height

  • Veg: 32"
  • Bloom: 22"

Product Includes

  • Fixture
  • 120V power cord
  • Hangers


  • 500 μmol/m2/s Distance (Veg): 38"
  • 800 μmol/m2/s Distance (Flower): 28"