Best For: Hobbyist, HID Supplement, Smaller Space, Flowering Cycle

 Special Features

  • 2 x 2 ft Footprint for Bloom 
  • Replaces 400 Watt HPS
  • Flowering Specific Spectrum
  • Compact Design
  • Quiet Operation

10 Reasons to Buy This Grow Light From Us

The SolarStorm 220 LED Grow Light is the brightest in its class. The unit is comprised of 72 high flux bin OSRAM SSL diodes and consumes approx. 165W.

Designed to replace a 400W HPS or Metal Halide system, the SolarStorm 220 is great for small size closet type home grow setups where quiet operation is essential. Multiple units can also be chained together to cover larger areas.

The SolarStorm 220 BloomBooster has an optimized colour spectrum for the bloom phase, and is designed to boost yield during bloom.

Offering coverage of up to 2’ x 2’ area for bloom, the light should be positioned 12"-18" above your canopy.