Slim 720S Specifications:

Total LEDs: 3,096

Model of LEDs: Samsung LH351H V2 Deep Reds + IR , LH351H Royal Blue, LM301H Mixed White LEDs & LG UV Diodes. 

PPFD @10": 1,500

ppf/w :  3.0 umols/J

ppf: coming soon

Grams Per Watt: up to 2.6

Yield: Up to 4lbs in 4x4(1.2m) or up to 4.5 lbs in 5x5 (1.5m)

HID/HPS equivalency: 1300 watts DE HPS 

Kelvin: 3500K Day Light White Base + Deep Red + Royal Blue + UV + IR

IP Rating: IP65 Waterproof

Total LEDs : 3,096

LEDs Per Watt Overall : 4.3

White LEDs - Samsung LM301H Mixed White LEDs

Red LEDs: Samsung Version 2 LH351H 660nm Deep Red & iR

Blue LEDs: Samsung LH351H 450nm Royal Blue

Actual Max Power Draw: 720 watts max

Amps:  6.0 Amps at 120v ( 3.0 Amps @ 240v)

Voltage : Internationally Used 110 volts - 277volts (240v cord sold seperately)

Lifetime: Up to 20 Years 

Warranty: 10 Years (see warranty page for full details)

Release Date: January 2022

Shipping: Free Shipping to 30+ countries 

Light Fixture: 42" x 42" Vertical Farming Aluminum BAR Fixture - folds in half

Cables: 6 Foot attached power cord, 4 rope ratchets & 1 RJ-11 cable

Plug: USA, CANADA, EURO, Commercial, etc. (240v sold separately)

(We automatically ship the correct cord for your country)

Dimming3 Dimmer Knobs 0%-100%. 3-Way Spectrum Control 

Spectrum Control: 3 Dimmer Knobs 0%-100%. 3-Way Spectrum Control 

TouchScreen Master Controller: 2 ports, Fully Compatible. 3 Dimmer control

Fixture Dimensions: 42" x 42" x 4.5" 

Fixture Weight: 44 lbs (Aluminum Fixture + Driver Case)

Shipping Weight: 55 lbs (2 Boxes)

Hanger: Comes with 4 adjustable rope ratchet hangers.

Recommended for: Strong Grow Tents, Grow Rooms, Greenhouses & Indoor Cultivations. 

*International Shipments may require Taxes & Duties. Contact us for a quote! - 

Slim 720S Patent Pending.