Viparspectra Reflector Series V600 LED Grow Light

The Viparspectra Reflector Series V600 260 watt LED Grow Light features a reflector design and superb heat dissipation, making it perfect for most indoor plants at all growth stages.

  • The V600 LED Grow Light has been engineered to maintain a balance between PAR output and coverage.
  • VIPARSPECTRA's LED grow lights are designed with an optimal full spectrum which provides plants of all stages with everything they need from natural sunlight.
  • Compares to traditional 400 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 260 watts! The perfect choice for a 3' x 3’ vegetative coverage at 32” while 2.5' x 2.5’ flowering coverage at 22”.
  • The V4600's quiet, high-speed fans and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks are excellent for heat dissipation.
  • 3 year local warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee.


  • Veg coverage at 32" - 3' x 3'
  • Flower coverage at 22" - 2.5' x 2.5'

V600 Design

  • VIPARSPECTRA V600 grow lights have developed by indoor growing experts over many years of careful research and testing. With the V600 you will see bigger, denser flowers that are coated in resin.
  • VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series are scientifically engineered to keep the balance between high PAR and suitable coverage. This design prevents concentrations in the middle of the growing area, which can result in stunted plant growth and sunburning.
  • With its excellent heat dissipation system, the V600 stays cool and very quiet, running 70% cooler than HID lights.
  • The daisy chain feature allows growers to connect multiple lights together with fewer outlets.

    V600 Product Details

    • Avg. Power Draw: 260W±3%
    • (120pcs) High-Intensity 5Watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips
    • Input Voltage: AC100-240V
    • Frequency: 50-60Hz
    • Lifespan: >100,000 hours


    What's Included

    • 1 x Upgrade V600 LED lighting
    • 1 x User Instructions
    • 1 x 6ft Power Cord (US standard 110V grounded 3-prong plug)
    • 1 x Hanging Kit

    Recommended For

    • Grow Tents
    • Grow Rooms
    • Primary or Supplemental Lighting
    • Hydroponic, Aeroponic, or Aquaponic Systems