Triminator TRP Stack - Multi Platen 25 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Tech Press w/ Drip Technology

Squeeze More with Drip Tech.

The Triminator TRP Stack rosin press was designed to make high volume extraction simple and efficient. With its multi-platen constructions, it was made for scaling your production up. The Rosin TRP Stack offers drip technology, which lets your rosin quickly drop to a cool surface with a seamless rotation of the press plates. Precise heating elements provide 25 tons of pressure which results in commercial volumes and consistent yields. High quality has never been more easily achieved.

Included: Press & Hydraulic Cylinder (Pump Additional).

Product Features

  • Easy Pivot™ Drip Tech System – Access seamless rotation at the pull of a handle. The patent-pending Easy Pivot™ drip tech system lets your rosin drip down to a cold surface without delay for maximum product preservation.
  • Power Frame™ - Hundreds of finite element analysis simulations led to the custom designed frame with a capacity of up to 25 tons of pressure.
  • Casted In NorCal - Casted out of steel in one of Northern California’s oldest foundries.
  • Multi Platen Feature - Squeeze up to one pound with the patent-pending multi platen feature that has doubled its capacity from its original version.
  • Aluminum Platens – Large aluminum platens provide excellent temperature control for optimal heat transfer.
  • Large Platen Size - More surface area lets the press be versatile for both flower and kief production while maintaining a short distance for your oil to travel.
  • Food Safe - Keeps your rosin pure and chemical free
  • Temperature Precision – Set the exact temperature that you want to press with.
  • Proprietary Design – Increased visibility so you can keep an eye on your product throughout the pressing process.
  • Maximum Versatility - Pump not included. Must be purchased separately to operate the press. Air or electric pump options are also available. Customers that purchase rosin presses without an air or hydraulic pump will need an external source of compressed air in order to use the press.