Triminator TRP Hydraulic Rosin Tech Press

The Triminator Rosin TRP features high-quality and robust construction including the Power Frame™ capable of standing up to 25 tons of force as well as a high visibility design and food-safe aluminum platens. With its precision heating elements, the platens preserve high thermal mass for consistent temperature and high yield extraction making the Rosin TRP the number one choice for industry experts.

Included: Press & Hydraulic Cylinder (Pump Additional)


  • Power Frame - Hundreds of simulations were done while engineering the frame hold up to 25 tons of pressure. 
  • Large Platen Size - 6" × 10" platens offer more platen space to provide the most versatility in commercial use while maintaining a short distance for the oil to travel.
  • Aluminum Platens - Big size aluminum platens provide homogeneous temperatures and high reserves of energy for the most optimal heat transfer.
  • Food Safe - Keeps your rosin free from harmful materials and chemicals.
  • Proprietary Design - Provides easy access and increased visibility of the product so that technicians can view the progress of their squeeze from start to finish.
  • Temperature Precision - Dual PID temperature control allows you to set the exact temperature preference for each platen.
  • Maximum Versatility - Pump not included. Must be purchased separately to operate the press. Air or electric pump options available. Customers that purchase Rosin Presses with air/hydraulic pump will need an external source of compressed air to operate.