Triminator ShredMaster Plant Waste Shredder Machine

Use the Triminator ShredMaster Plant Waste Shredder Machine to lower your plant waste volume today and increase your efficiency in green waste management. Reduce waste disposal and transportation costs, or even use the ShredMaster’s end product to set up an on-site composting pile.

Shred Everything

  • Rootballs
  • Stems
  • Whole Plants
  • Net
  • Mesh
  • Plastic Containers

Heavy Duty

All ShredMasters are designed with low speed and high torque motors that effectively reduce even the most difficult solids. The ShredMaster features High-torque gear drives, hardened hexagonal shafting, and heavy-duty bearings to ensure that your operation runs smoothly and effectively for a very long time.

Safe Operation

Designed with safety in mind. Includes front-mounted controls and emergency stop for quick access.

UL/CSA Compliant

UL compliant for easy permitting and inspection compliance with Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) across the US and Canada.

Ergonomic Operation

Right-height hoppers reduce the need for ladders or stools and make loading quick.