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 Slim 720S Preview

                  Live Unveiling on Friday November 12th, 2021  

                  (You have to Click watch on youtube to see this video)

 Slim720S is the Most Powerful Triple Dimmer LED Grow Light Ever Created. Growers who want industry best PPFD in 5'x5' (1.5m x 1.5m) area, Spectrum Specific Tunability, Samsung's Latest Horticulture Series LED tech & The option to have Auto Sunrise and Autosunset what more could a grower ask for. Slim 720S delivers all the amazing Proven technology from our highly refined Slim 650S with a Cranked up Meanwell Driver System beaming up to 720 Watts through 3,096 of the world's most efficient LEDs. Slim 720S is specifically engineered for growers in 5x5 areas or growers who just want power to spare in the 4' x4' area. 

           Slim720S is engineered to give you performance far beyond what any other LED Grow Light company has in the market today including Samsung's all-new record-breaking LH351H Version 2 660nm Deep Red LEDs at 3.75 umols/j and LH351H 450nm Royal Blue LEDs paired with the Samsung White LM301H LEDs which are above 3.0 umols/J with a 3way dimmable system running 3,096 LEDs total for next-generation efficiency and tuning capabilities. Slim 720S & Slim 650S are by far the most advanced LED Grow Lights ever manufactured. Slim 720S when combined with our touch screen master controller gives growers the power to recreate mother nature with precision control.
"LED Tech from the Future" Exclusively Samsung Horticulture Diodes

Coverage Footprint:

Flower:                                           Veg:           

4' x 4' area (1.2m x 1.2m)                4' x 4' area (Up to 7' x 7' area)

Max: 5' x 5' area (1.5m x 1.5m)   

         (4' x 4' Grow Tent / 1.2m x 1.2m)



Hanging Height & Dimmer Settings : 


Seedling: 48"+    / 25% Power
Vegetative: 48" + / 50% Power (or 24" @ 25% Power)


Wk1-3 - @24-30""     / 50% Power
Wk4-6 @18" - 24"  / 75% Power
Wk7-8 @18" - 24"  / 100% Power
Wk9-10 @12" - 18" / 100% Power
Pro Tips: It's always best to set the light up higher and let the plants grow up into the light.


Slim 720S Components:

LEDs: 3,096 Total LEDs 

3500k White LEDs: 2,992

- Top Bin Samsung LM301H LEDs  3000k & 4000k Mixed

Bloom Enhancers:

Deep RED LEDs: 64 pcs

- New to the market! Samsung LH351H V2 Deep Red LEDs - 3.75 umols/j

Blue LEDs: 32 pcs

 Samsung LH351H Royal Blue LEDs - 2.8 umols/j



INFRARED LEDs: 4 pcs (Dim Red LED)

- Top Bin Samsung LH351H Infrared LEDs   

Ultra Violet LEDs: 4 pcs (Dim Purple LED)

- LG UV LED - Proven Increased Resin Production and Potency of oils


Optics: 120 Degree Primary Lens on all LEDs

(No Secondary Optics on fixture)

Drivers: Three 0%-100% Meanwell Dimmable Drivers, Black Vented Housing.

Dimmers: 3 Independent Dimmers

Dimmer#1 (White LEDs Channel) - 570 watts (5.24 LEDs Per Watt)

Dimmer#2 (RED Channel + UV & IR) - 90 watts 

Dimmer#3 (Blue LEDs Channel) - 60 watts 

Controller Tech: Fully Compatible - (*Touch Screen Controller is Sold Separately)

3 Way Dimmability - You can Control the 3 Dimmers Independently

Spectrum Control - 3 Way Spectrum Control, add more Red, White, or blue light independently or programmed in the timer mode.

Dual Port RJ-11 Controller hookup  - Daisy chain up to 200 lights

Thermal management: Passive Cooling from a significantly Overbuilt extruded Heat sink (Fanless Technology - No Moving Parts) 

*Coolest Operating Temp of any High Power Bar Fixture on the market.


Full Spectrum White Light 3500k (Mixed White Light LEDs) (Full Power on 3 dimmers)

+ 660nm Deep RED 450nm Royal Blue + ultraviolet + 730nm Far Red


Dimmer#1 - Full Spectrum White Light LEDs only 

Dimmer#2 - 660nm Deep RED               

 ultraviolet + 730nm Far Red                  

Dimmer#3  450nm Royal Blue 

 (Powerful Spectrum Control leads to healthier plants with lower stress levels leading to higher overall production, yield, and flower quality)

PPF/w: 3.0 umols/j

PPFD Slim 720S: Extremely High

PPFD Data Charts coming Soon!