Slim 100 Bloom Enhancers delivers a Mega load of Pure Bloom Enhancement Spectrum. Slim 100 is a long 42" LED Bar with 56 Total High PowerSamsung Horticulture LEDs as well as a heavy Load of 12 Ultra Violet and infrared LEDs to help you produce the highest possible quality, potency, resin production & yield. If your looking to add some serious Ultra Violet Spectrum to your grow for maximum potency this is the Light for you.

Coverage Footprint:

Flower:                                           Veg:           

1' x 4' area (.3m x 1.2m)                   2' x 4' area (.6m x 1.2m)

2' x 4' area (.9m x 1.2m)  Max




Slim 100 Bloom Bar (100 watts)

LEDs: 56 Total

Samsung LH351H v2 Deep Red LEDs

Samsung LH351H Royal Blue LEDs

UV LEDs: 12 pcs LG UV LEDS
IR LEDs: 4 pcs Samsung LH351H
Significantly Overbuilt extruded bar Aluminum


Optics :

Samsung LM301H LEDS: 120 Degree Wide Beam Lens

CREE XPE LEDs: 120 Degree Wide Beam Lens

(No Secondary Optics)

Driver: Meanwell Dimmable Driver XLG - 150 - M - AB


Thermal management: Passive Cooling from a significantly Overbuilt extruded Heat sink (Fanless Technology - No Moving Parts) 


+ 660nm Deep RED + 450nm Royal Blue  + UV/IR


 ( Large Concentration of Ultra Violet on Top of Deed Red + IR+ Blue LEDs)

PPFD for 12" x 48" Coverage Area

PPFD: 594.75