Rapid LED Core85 LED Grow Light Bar

Rapid LED’s Core85 LED bar grow light has been engineered for vertical farming, rooting, seedlings, clones or any situation where lower light levels are needed or ceilings with a low clearance. The Core85 has a built-in non-dimmable driver. It’s recommended that you adjust the mounting height to achieve the proper light intensity for your plants. With system level efficiency between 2.3-2.5 umol/J and a choice of either 3200K or 4000K color temperature this high performance LED grow light is excellent for a variety of grow operations.

Note: For areas or situations where higher light is required, simply stack two units to veg a 2' x 4' area.

 Core85 Installation Guide

    Product Details

    • Wattage Draw : ~85W
    • Fixture Efficacy : 2.3-2.5umol/J
    • Coverage Area : 2' X 4' For Cloning
    • Dimensions : 47.25" X 2.1" X 1.5"
    • Dimmable : No
    • Power Cord Length (US 115VAC) : 6 Feet
    • Power Cord Length (US 230VAC) : 3 Feet (By Request Only)
    • Power Cord Length (European) : 3 Feet (By Request Only)
    • Hanging Kit : Included
    • Warranty : 3 Years