The ALL-NEW NugSmasher Rosin Extraction System Complete Combo Deal

The NugSmasher Touch Rosin Extraction System featuring our all new Interactive Extraction Brain.

A powerful computer that is made to grow with an updatable interface through wireless connectivity along with a 5" interactive color touchscreen display! The Touch has a powerful yet easy applied 12 Tons of manually controlled pressure with 3 types of precise digital PSI reporting an automatic extraction timer and a surface area calculator for target pressure.

The unit operates with large 4 x 6 inch quad heated pressing plates illuminated with powerful LED Lights the plug n play system works with our 3.5 Gram 7 Gram and 14 gram bags or a custom size surface area you program. This machine will extract as much as two 14 gram bags per press.


The NugSmasher Original comes with a full manufacturer backed lifetime warranty. If anything breaks on the machine in a manner that is not your fault, we will provide you with replacement parts, you may return to the manufacturer for repair.

What's Included

  • NugSmasher Touch Rosin Press (x1)
  • 3.5 Gram Rosin Bags - 37 Micron (x1)
  • 3.5 Gram Rosin Bags - 90 Micron (x1)
  • 3.5 Gram Rosin Bags - 120 Micron (x1)
  • 7 Gram Rosin Bags - 37 Micron (x1)
  • 7 Gram Rosin Bags - 90 Micron (x1)
  • 7 Gram Rosin Bags - 120 Micron (x1)
  • 7 Gram Rosin Bags - 160 Micron (x1)
  • 14 Gram Rosin Bags - 90 Micron (x1)
  • 14 Gram Rosin Bags - 120 Micron (x1)
  • 14 Gram Rosin Bags - 160 Micron (x1)
  • NugSmasher's Everything Tool (x1)
  • Silicone Mat (x1)
  • Nugsmasher Magnet (x1)
  • NugPacker JR (x1)
  • Rosin Press Collection Plate (x1)
  • NugSmasher Rosin Shield (x1)
  • Rosin Pot Small (x1)

Bundle contents are subject to change based on availability. 

Nugsmasher Touch Features:

  • 5 Inch Capacitive Touch TFT LCD Display extraction brain
  • Large 6" x 4" Smash Plates
  • Accurate pressure gauge for consistent extractions
  • Quad Heating Elements (160W ea)
  • Accurate Temperature Control display top and bottom
  • Extraction Timer
  • Surface Area Extraction Calculator
  • LED Lights
  • Pressure readout Hydraulic fluid PSI
  • Pressure readout Available PSI
  • Pressure readout Actual surface Area PSI
  • Quick start settings loaded as seen
  • Circuit Protection
  • Fast Retract Plate Release
  • Manual Pump Arm
  • Constructed with US made structural steel and T6 6061 aluminum
  • Made in America
  • Guaranteed for Life

Nugsmasher Trade In Program

The NugSmasher Trade In Program allows you to Trade in your current Nugsmasher rosin press toward an upgrade to a new Nugsmasher rosin press and receive 80% of the current cost of your model towards trade-in!

NugSmasher and Rightbud are excited to offer the NugSmasher Trade In Program to give our loyal customers the best tools for the best results!

Give us a call today or fill out the application here to get your NugSmasher upgraded today!

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