NextLight Plus Pro Series 330W LED Grow Light - Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting

NextLight is a pioneer of full spectrum LED technology. The all new NextLight Pro Series and NextLight Home Series include a range of full spectrum LED grow lights designed to meet the needs of commercial and home growers alike.

The NextLight Plus LED Grow Light generates powerfully bright light for a mere 330 watts of power. This incredible, full-spectrum light was engineered to be a supplemental light, mimicking the suns spectrum so plants get the nutrition they need for vibrant growth and increased yields. With the NextLight Plus you can expect tighter nodal spacing, increased production and growth from your plants.

    See it in Action

    Sq Ft for Light Intensity Needs

    • 100 umol = 10’ x 6.5’ = 65 sq ft
    • 200 umol = 6.5’ x 5’ = 32.5 sq ft
    • 400 umol = 4.5’ x 4’ = 18 sq ft

    Proper Use

    • Review Instruction Manual for Safety Recommendations and Warnings.
    • Hang the light fixture and driver using supplied hooks.
    • Hang the light fixture at a minimum of 24" from light and plant canopy. Less than 24" distance may burn plants.

    Unit Dimensions


    NextLight fixtures generate more bright, full spectrum, sun-like white light that a typical HPS grow light. NextLight continued to innovate with bright white, full spectrum LED (which has now become the gold standard of grow lighting) so you will see tighter internodal spacing and better overall quality over other LED grow lights.

    NextLight’s full spectrum is easy on your eyes yet delivers the same sun-like qualities that your plants will love without high energy requirements and high heat issues.

    Visible vs Invisible Light

    Making the most out of your indoor garden begins with quality light. Visible light is what plants primarily use to promote photosynthesis, with wavelengths ranging between 380 and 740 nanometers (nm). The big difference between plants and humans is the way we interpret visible light.

    Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)

    Plants primarily utilize light within the visible light spectrum for plant growth. This spectrum refers to light ranging between 400 and 700 nm and is known as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR).

    Some grow lights supply EM energy outside of the visible light range such as ultraviolet, far-red and infrared light.

    HPS + Infrared (IR)

    Traditionally, light sources like HPS and CMH emit a substantial amount of IR light. NextLight fixtures do NOT emit IR because most IR is effectively converted into waste heat and additional HVAC is needed to combat the higher temperatures.

    When you make the switch to the NextLight Plus LED grow light, you’ll notice a big change in plant canopy temperatures in your grow space or garden. Plan to adjust your grow space 5 - 10 degrees warmer due to the lack of radiant heat coming from the light fixture.

    What's Included

    • Fixture with Attached DC Out Power Cord (2.5') x 1
    • Driver x 1
    • Fixture hooks x2
    • Driver hooks x2
    • AC Input Power Cord (100-277V) (6.5') x1
    • Dimming (RS485) Cable x1
    • DC Out Power Cord Extension x1 (Add on: Not included with base model)