Mars Hydro FC 4800 Grow Light

The Mars Hydro FC 4800 LED Grow Light features 2070 pcs Samsung Lm301 and Osram 660nm diodes for stunningly high output and low heat, which mean lower costs for you. An independent and detachable power supply makes setup a snap and the all aluminum heatsink creates better heat dissipation and eliminates noisy cooling fans so your space runs cool and quiet.
The FC 4800's IP65 waterproof lamp is suitable for most grow environments and the reflective cup design makes the lighting on each bar more concentrated, increasing the opportunity for light penetration so plants absorb more precious light.

For large-scale growers, the Mars Mydro FC 4800 is easily scalable with multi-light, dimmable connections to support up to 20 lights!


    • High PPF: 2.8 umol/J 
    • Up to 2.5 g/W 
    • DLC & ETL listed
    • Samsung LM301B & Osram 660nm LEDs
    • 50% higher PPFD compared to HID lamps
    • Balanced, full-spectrum light output
    • 50% lower power consumption compared to HID lamps
    • 6 passively-cooled bars provide broad-coverage for full-cycle growth
    • Dimmable
    • Reliably sourced components including Inventronics drivers
    • 5-year Manufacturer's warranty
    • IP65 waterproof


    2016 Samsung LM301 and Osram 660nm LED chips. These chips are higher quality and more efficient than other LEDs.

    Wattage Draw

    • 480W @ 120V
    • 465W @ 240V
    • 463W @ 277V


    • 3.96A @ 120V 
    • 1.96A @ 240V
    • 1.71A @ 277V


    380-410nm; 650-665nm; 730-740nm; 2800-3000K; 4800-5000K