Kind LED X-Series XD75 Bar Light

From propagation to harvest, Kind LED X-Series XD75 Bar Lights provide excellent coverage from leafy greens to fruit-bearing, and greenhouse to indoor. These premiere X-Series bar lights will take any grow operation to the next level and beyond. Connect the fixtures end-to-end for rigid, easy, and stable lighting that spans across your entire growing facility.

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Vegetative Spectrum

The Vegetative Bar Lights lean towards a bias on the blue end of the lighting spectrum and are great for all leafy greens and plants that need to remain in a vegetative stage before initiating a flowering state.

Flower Spectrum

The Flowering Bar Lights are biased on the red end of the spectrum and are ideal for all supplemental needs on high light use plants that are in the flowering stage. They are also great for standalone flowering stage lights for average light use plants.