Kind K5 XL750 WiFi LED 430 Watt LED Grow Light

The Kind K5 XL750 WiFi LED 430 Watt LED Grow Light gives growers full control of their output spectrum and timing for multiple lights from the ease of a phone, laptop, or tablet. Kind LED offers a Kind Command Center which gives you super quick, easy, and convenient control of your lighting program.

Increased Coverage Footprint

The Kind K5 XL750 430 Watt LED Grow Light covers a large footprint, which solves one of the many problems from older LED grow lights. Small circuit boards have always led to small footprints, which has delivered uninspiring harvest weights and lackluster results. The square footage of canopy coverage is very important to the overall weight of your harvest. Kind LED uses high quality diodes that are further intensified by a second optical lens that spreads the light output over an extra-large housing, providing a coverage range that replaces 750W and 1000W HPS lamps. Now harvest weights are where they should be, with Kind LED.

Customizable Spectrum

 The Kind K5 LED grow light has a totally customizable lighting output spectrum that lets you adjust your spectrum to match the vegetative and flowering stages of your plants while allowing for precise control for any type of plant genus that you may be growing. Greenhouse growing and agricultural operations that require crop rotation and zoning are all common coverages of the Kind K5.

UL Listed

The K5 Series LED Grow Light meets strict and laborious safety protocols which means you will have a safe and ideal growing operation.

Built-In Timer

The K5 has an internal timer that leads to more streamlined grow setups by getting rid of old analog or digital timers that add unneeded work and unreliability. Trust your growth cycle to something more accurate and trustworthy. Now with the K5, all of your light cycles are programmed and altered from your convenient command center.

8 Stage ‘Mother Earth’ Timer

The Kind K5 XL750 WiFi LED has an 8 stage “mother earth” timing function that lets you accurately copy the natural sunrise and sunset cycles of nature. Slowly awaken your plants in the morning and set a strict bedtime every evening. 8 different stages let your light turn on gently (sunrise), turn up to full (mid-day sun), and then gently turn off in the evening cycle (sunset). Each stage can be set to the duration you want and the spectrum intensity that your plants deserve.

Optimal Diode Mix

The Kind K5 LED Grow Light was engineered with a perfect mix of 3 watt and 5 watt diodes that create the ideal amount of usable light to develop fully lush and beautiful flowers. The 5 watt LED diodes put out an intense output and can penetrate the canopy perfectly. But at the same time, using an abundance of 5 watt LED’s can make for a hot growing environment, so the K5 has a perfect balance of 3 watt and 5 watt LED’s, leading to a perfect yield without damaging your plants.

Wi-Fi Operation

Kind LED grow lights can be operated with complete control from your WiFi enabled phone, tablet, or laptop. Now you can control your grow room remotely with ease. Just press some buttons and your plants will be on their way to a happy and prosperous life.

Sleek Design

There sure are some ugly LED grow lights out there. But you’re in luck, the Kind LED K5 just isn’t one of them. Function and fashion are here with Kind LED.

Product Downloads

 Kind K5 Manual

K5 XL750 Product Details

  • Spectrum Customizable/Adjustable 12 Band
  • Diodes 208 (3w, 5w, UV, IR)
  • Max Wattage 430w (±5%)
  • Input Voltage 100-240V AC Power Input
  • Output Voltage UL Stnd. < 76V DC
  • Amperage 3.58A @ 120V / 1.8A @ 240V
  • Power Factor .99
  • LIfetime >50,000 Hours
  • Cord Length 6'
  • PPFD Peak (RMH) 458
  • Certifications UL Listed, CE, ROHS, FCC