Best For: Hobbyist, Medium Space, Full Growth Cycle

 Special Features

  • Generous footprint 3 x 3 ft (Flower), 4 x 4 ft (Veg)
  • Replaces 500 Watt HPS
  • Full spectrum from Vegetative to Flowering
  • Dimming capability
  • Fast, Proven Return on Investment 

The HLG 300 V2 4000k is the most efficient LED grow light to cover a 3' x 3' area!

The HLG 300 V2 indoor horticulture LED Lamp draws only 285 watts at the wall and covers up to 3' x 3' area for flower or 4'x 4' area for veg. Great coverage for very low energy use!

Each lamp uses two custom-designed high-efficiency white light 4000k quantum boards. The 576 Top-Bin Samsung LM301B LED arrays are mounted on clear anodized aluminum and are dimmable from 90-270W via a top-mounted Mean Well driver.

Top Features

  • High-efficiency custom-designed white light quantum boards 
  • 4000K white-light full spectrum for optimal canopy penetration and easy viewing
  • Seed to harvest growth
  • Reliable passive-cooled design (no cooling fans required)
  • Optimal canopy penetration with diffused light via a large form factor
  • Dimmable high-efficiency Mean Well driver (90-270W range)
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Spec sheet  

    PAR Charts

    PAR at 18"


    PAR at 24"

    Expect higher intensity and more even coverage in a tent, reflective area or a crossover with multiple lamps.