Grow-It-LED Excalibur King Series 200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The Excalibur King Series 200 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is a high performance, professional commercial grade LED grow light capable of replacing DE HPS fixtures up to 300w watts. Grow-it-LED has created a grow lighting system that outperforms the competition at every turn while maintaining a competitive price. Excalibur King series LED grow lights offer multiple spectrum options, allowing you to have excellent flexibility for your indoor garden or grow.

The Excalibur King Series comes in the spectrum packages you need to offer both tiered pricing and spectrum options. These are some of the best LED grow lights on the market, featuring a passively cooled design that provides a completely silent operation. Each LED is under-driven for increased efficiency and longevity so you can expect 100,000 hours of life from this system.

Each spectrum is itself an excellent option, depending on your specific needs. Even the lowest priced option can easily replace a 300w HPS grow light and still produce a product that is far better than anything you’ll get from an HPS fixture. UV to IR grow lights utilize new technology to leverage growing techniques such as the Emerson effect for quicker flowering times - UV is also an excellent addition due to its known properties for increasing oil production and terpene profiles.

All fixtures are compatible with the optional Casambi wireless controller, giving you the ability to control DLI, sunrise/sunset functions, and spectrum tuning for each fixture individually. The Casambi system can be used on Apple or Android devices.

Product Downloads

 Excalibur King 200W Cut Sheet

Product Features

  • Premium Samsung LEDs
  • Premium Osram or Inventronics LED drivers
  • Passively cooled design
  • Remote driver mounting capabilities
  • High efficacy white light spectrum
  • Stand-alone dimmer knob or optional Casambi wireless controls
  • Replaceable, interchangeable, repairable construction
  • Robust aluminum construction
  • Properly heatsinked LEDs
  • Universal power supply (110v, 120v, 240v, 277v)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Incredible Watt per $ and PPF per $

S3 Samsung L09 and L2 Horticulture Blended Spectrum

Excalibur King Series grow lights' Samsung L09 and L2 Horticulture spectrum offer a balanced priced option for our Excalibur King Series fixture. Each fixture utilizes Samsung's L2 horticulture boards to provide an exceptional amount of photons at an incredibly efficient wattage. This spectrum appears to the human eye as a higher CCT but to plants its ideal for veg and flower.


Product Details

  • Lifetime: 100,000+ Hours (11.4 years of continuous use)
  • Driver: Spectrum Dependent, Osram OTi series or Inventronics EUD series drivers
  • Cables: 6-foot industrial-grade SEEO Cord (Standard)
  • Plug: 5-15P Standard Other NEMA Plugs are available
  • Dimming: Yes, down to 1% of max output with a dimmer knob or dim to off with Casambi wireless system
  • Hanger: Built-in industrial-grade eye-bolt
  • Grams per watt: 2 g/w+ (environment dependent)
  • Yield: From 400-1400+ grams (wattage and environment dependent)
  • Voltage: AC 120V~277V
  • Amperage: 110V – 1.18A / 240V – .83A
  • BTU: 682