This box contains everything you need to keep your EC probe and pH probe in tip-top shape. Keeping your EC probe and pH probe clean and calibrated will extend the life of both probes, and improve their accuracy. 


This probe care kit features our patent-pending box. This box has slots that allow you to place the plastic tubes in the top for easy calibrations. No more tipping over small containers of calibration solution! This box keeps your containers upright and organized while you do your cleaning and calibration. 


For best performance, we recommend storing your Probe Care kit in a cool place out of direct light or excessive heat. 


Why do I need to clean and calibrate my EC and pH probes? 

Your pH probe needs to be clean and calibrated to have accurate readings. Probes can get dirty while sitting in your hydroponic tanks 24/7. Plant roots, nutrients, and gunk can become stuck to your probe.  

A pH probe is an important tool in a hydroponic system because without it, there's no way to adjust the pH levels of your water for optimal plant growth. Plants are delicate creatures that need to be in the correct pH to thrive. If your probe is left dirty, it may overestimate or underestimate the actual acidity of the water, which could harm your plant. This is why it's important to check on the cleanliness of your probe each week when you drain and fill the unit, and check on the calibration status of your probe each month.

The purpose of EC probe calibration is to ensure that the readings are accurate. EC stands for electrical conductivity, which measures the potential for water to conduct electricity. Basically, the higher the EC, the greater amount of salts (which are nutrients your plant uses to grow) are in the water. An EC of 0 means there are no nutrients in the water.

Depending on the species of plant and its stage of growth, the plant may need anywhere from 0.5 - 3 EC. If your probe isn't clean or calibrated, it will be harder for you to get accurate readings, which may cause too much or too little nutrients to be added to your water tank. We recommend checking the cleanliness of your EC probe each week when you drain and fill the unit. The EC probe doesn't need to be calibrated after the initial setup is complete. The only time you would need to calibrate your EC probe again is if you purchase a new one.