The Bud Bucker can:

  • Quickly and gently remove cannabis and hemp buds from the stem, utilizing rollers that grab and pull the branch through various hole sizes
  • Be used for both wet and dry product
  • Pluck the buds from the stem without damaging the product
  • Help you complete the bucking process in half the time with half the staff

The Bud Bucker shines above the competition in price, speed, and quality of cut.

The entry holes help guide the buds away from the center to avoid being smashed by the oncoming buds further down the stem.

Having 2 sets of 4 entry holes allow two operators to work simultaneously, essentially giving you the benefit of two machines.

The speed control is also available to help adjust to different moisture contents and branch structures.

All of this on a durable piece of equipment with a 3 year warranty that still manages to be the most inexpensive automated bucking option available.

“Ez Trim’s harvesting system provides SUPERIOR PRESENTATION AND POTENCY OVER MANUAL TRIMMING METHODS when the components are adjusted accurately and quality plants are properly prepped.”

– Joe Black, Inventor, Founder & Current President of Ez Trim Harvesting

Please contact us if you are not experiencing these results. We know we can help!!!

Check out our Shuck to Shelf SOP for instructions on the use and maintenance of the Debudders.