We are a grower owned LED Grow Light store, proudly operating out of Denver, Colorado - with warehouses scattered across the USA. 

We specialize in LED Grow Lights, and grow supplies, for personal and commercial use.

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We have taken on many grow projects ourselves, and have become frustrated with unreliable grow lights that produce poor yields and run up huge energy bills. But with the advancement of LED technology there is an exciting alternative - This is the most efficient lighting option in the market today. With their simplistic design, low heat output and specific light spectrum selection, LED grow lights will ensure your energy bills stay low, whilst you see your best grow results yet!

Photonic was born out of a passion to share this incredible technology with fellow growers. We've done the hard work, searched the entire market to source the best quality LED Grow Lights at competitive prices - which can all be found right here at the Photonic LED Grow Light store.

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Best Wishes and Happy growing!

James - Photonic LED Founder
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