Amare SolarBar SB800 (Bar8) LED Grow Light

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Hobbyist, Commercial, Medium Space, Full Cycle

 Special Features

  • Large footprint 4 x 4 ft (Flower), 5 x 5 ft (Veg)
  • 880 Actual Watts (Dimmable)
  • Samsung LM301B White LEDs
  • Full spectrum from Vegetative to Flowering
  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 Bar Configuration
  • Fast, Proven Return on Investment

 Amare SolarBar SB800 (Bar8) 

New from Amare, the incredible SolarBar SB800 is now available at Photonic LED!  
Featuring the Highest CRI, DLI, PPF/w (2.7J), PPFD/w, McCree and medical curve efficiency available, including DE overdriven at 1140w.

Samsung LM301B with supplemental Oslon SSL  (now standard on all Amare models!).  Other amazing features of the SB800 include patent-pending attach/detach bracket design that enables the bars to attach/ detach for separate operation in pairs (each Meanwell powers two ~110w bars) as a 2, 4, 6 or 8 Bar configuration.

The SB800 has a low profile (3.3"), and close proximity design for vertical/ multi-tiered applications, 6-24" (no lenses), 36-60" (optional lenses), dimmable, remote driver box mounting option, IP65 waterproof, attach/detachable design for full system or separate bar operation.


Amare SolarBar SB800 | Shop all Lights by Amare

Dimensions (system = 8 bars):  47.08'' x 46.93'' x 3.3''     

Wattage : 880w (dimmable) 

Spectrum:  Enhanced white light spectrum

Amperage: 7.18A @ 110V /  3.59A @ 220V

Thermal management:  Passive 122F @ 800w

PPF:  2.7J

PPFD: 1786 umol

LEDs:  Samsung LM301B / Oslon SSL

Driver(s):  Meanwell (dimmable) 

Construction:  Aluminum 

Certification:  DLC, UL (pending)  IP65 rating


  • Veg: 5' x 8' @ 20" (used detached as 4 x Bar2)
  • Flower: 4' x 4' @ 6-9" @ 660w  /  5' x 5' @ 18" @ 880w

Recommended height: 6-18" no lenses,  24-48" w/lenses (optional)

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