Photonic LED is live!


Welcome to the Photonic LED Grow Light Store.
After months of late nights, hard work and good times, we are delighted to say that the Photonic LED Grow Light store is officially open for business!
We’re super excited to be part of the LED Grow Light community, and look forward to helping you with your next grow project. Let's make it your best one yet!
For now, here’s a little introduction to us, and what to expect when shopping at the Photonic LED Grow Light store.

Who We Are

We are two guys from Scotland, proudly operating our LED Grow Light Business in the USA!
We aim to provide a refreshingly simple and straight forward online shopping experience. You'll be able to seek expert advice on what LED grow light to buy, and be confident you are getting the best price when doing so. 

How We Got Here

As growers, we were frustrated with traditional HID grow lights that produce average yields, run up huge energy bills, and turn the basement into a giant furnace full of ducting and fans! When we discovered an exciting alternative in LED Grow light technology, there was no going back. Minimal, simplistic, programmable, low heat output and specific light spectrum selection, amazing!
Photonic LED was born out of a passion to share this incredible technology with fellow growers. So, we've done the hard work, searched the entire market to source the highest quality, American made LED Grow Lights at competitive prices. All can be found right here at the Photonic LED Grow Light store.

What to Expect From Shopping With Us

1. A Personal Shopping Experience 

We're small - this means we will give you all the direct support you need throughout the buying process, and the follow up support you need once you get growing. It's like shopping at the local farmers market instead of a trip to Walmart, much more pleasant! 

2. Impeccable Customer Service

No robots, no automated answer machines, only real life human beings. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using our our live chatemailcontact form or direct telephone number. If we miss you, leave us a message, we will always reply to your query within 24hrs. The most personal and helpful customer service available.

3. Free Shipping

Spend over $100 and we’ll ship anywhere in the Contiguous USA for free. Live further afield? No problem, we ship internationally too.

4. Competitive Prices

If you find a lower online price within 6 months, we will match, or even beat it! Good deal, right?!

5. No Sales Tax

We don’t charge any sales tax anywhere in the USA.

6. Fully Authorized Dealer

We only carry American brand LED Grow Lights, whose products have been put through stringent and extensive testing by experienced growers. Our products are backed with 100% US warranties and return policies of up to 90 days. Complete peace of mind for you and your plants!

7. A Website That is a Pleasure to Use

Ok, apart from the odd Pop Up to alert you to some incredible deals, our website will remain simple, clean, and super easy to navigate. We will never allow paid advertising.
What we will include, are all the necessary details, videos and reviews you need to make an informed purchase, without all the extra baloney! We could all use more hours in the day, so save some time by shopping with us.

8. A Supply of the Highest Quality LED Grow Lights

A hand picked selection of the highest quality LED Grow Lights available. If they're not the best, they won't be featured on the Photonic LED store.

Whether you need a large 1000 or 800 Watt LED Grow Light to upgrade your current set up, a Full Spectrum LED Grow Light to cover the full cycle, or a more compact LED Grow Light to fit in a smaller grow tent, we have you covered! 

We are really happy to be partnered with each and every one of these Grow Light and Grow Tent suppliers:

Kind LED Kind are one of the industry leaders in indoor LED grow lights. They have carried out intensive research & development which is strongly reflected in the quality of their products and the excellent yields which they provide. 

Black Dog Black Dog are gardening enthusiasts with a simple philosophy – they want to create the best possible plant grow lights. They conduct cutting-edge research & development so they can continue pushing the limits of LED grow light technology.

California Lightworks - California Lightworks are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best performing LED grow lights for the serious grower. They also offer the highest power LED Grow Light on the market.
Next Light - Next LED Grow Lights have been designed to match the HPS spectrum, providing the same sun-like qualities plants love.  NextLight has just released the most efficient full spectrum LED product line on the market - the Commercial Series.

Amare Technology - Amare manufacture incredibly powerful grow lights with the latest in high-output LED technology and Spectrum enhancement, Advanced Secondary Optics, and modular arrangement capability. They offer a fantastic range of Grow Lights to cover any size of Grow Project from beginner to commercial.

Gorilla Grow Tents
 - The most durable and high quality grow tents available!

And Finally...

...Ok, there are tonnes more reasons to shop at Photonic LED, but 8 seems a nice number to stop at. Come check out our store for yourself and see what’s on offer! You can also take advantage of our red hot Store Launch discounts, which are running for a limited time only.
 If you have any questions about us, our store, our LED grow lights, or you want to feature your own products on our website, then please contact us here!
Thanks for reading, and we hope to be helping you towards higher yields, lower bills, and bigger smiles some time soon!

The Photonic LED Team

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