Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Cannabis Growing Tips & Inspiration


Welcome to our latest blog post. This one focuses on some great sources of information and inspiration to kick start your next grow project.

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We've compiled a list of 10 Instagram accounts which provide valuable insights from those who have been there and done it all before. From handy grow journal apps to straight up inspirational images, we've got it covered!

Here goes, enjoy! 

1. @imcannabess

Owned by Seattle based Bess Byers, @imcannabess showcases incredible images of grow projects, outdoor landscapes, progressive products and good times! Bess became involved in cannabis photography after returning from a 6 month graphic design internship in Beijing. Her focus is now on writing, photography and brand development, with a soft focus on some of the more political aspects of the cannabis industry. Check out her full website imcannabess


2. @betterTM

No shortage of knowledge here, @betterTM is an Israel based grower with over 15 years of experience in  production of cannabis strains for medical usage. They specialise in organic growing techniques and unique products for different delivery systems. They are one of the only organic, chemical free, international producers of Medical Grade Cannabis. Also check out their website which includes some fascinating health related studies.


3. @blackdogled

With daily posts on the amazing results that the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 2 range can offer, this is one worth following. If you're new to the idea of growing with LEDs, you're bound to learn a ton here, and see first hand what exciting results this technology can offer! Also expect regular posts on valuable topics such as the one listed below.

4. @leafly

Packed with beautiful high resolution images, the @leafly instagram feed will have you scrolling for hours. Our favourite part though, is their information packed articles on topics such as The Stages of Cannabis Plant Growth and a guide on How to Grow Cannabis Indoors, specifically for beginners. Tonnes of really great tips and advice on taking your first steps into the world of growing!


5. @growcirrus

They produce some of the most technologically advanced LED Grow Lights on the market, and so its not surprise that Cirrus also have a wealth of growing knowledge themselves. Stay tuned to their instagram account for regular "how to" guides, and if you want to get a hold of one of these incredible LED Grow Lights, pay us a visit at the Photonic LED Grow Light Store! Free Shipping to the USA 🇺🇸


6. @growbuddy

"Maximize your yields, minimize your failures!" @growbuddy post regular tips and information snippets on how to optimize your cannabis grow project. They have also built an incredibly useful journal app, which helps you keep close tabs on your feeding history, nutrients schedules, task, photos and more! 

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Don't have the time, space or funds to start growing, but are eager to start learning? This one is for you! The folks at @simLeaf have created an advanced 3D medicinal plant grow simulator. Its a super fun, game like environment, in which you can learn about the art of growing right from your own smart phone! You can even "keep" a mother plant and crossbreed to capture great genetics, perfect a grow, experiment with technique and share photos of your plant. Interesting stuff!

What are you growing this summer? #growdifferent

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@californiagreen420 run a super informative instagram account, complemented by a YouTube account that's stacked with video guides on everything from Clone Grows to Topping your plants for a better yield. Well worth checking out!

H.S.O. Blue dream. 19 days of flower. Nothing for compost tea's and water.

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9. @school_of_hard_nugs

"The place to be if you are looking to grow your own marijuana!" - Run by a couple from Colorado, @school_of_hard_nugs cover everything you need to know about growing your own cannabis at home. They cover subjects such as how to set up a hobbyist grow, cannabis genetics, how to make edibles, as well as regular tips and tricks on how to increase your yields. Also check out their YouTube channel for more great info and best practices.


10. @silencedhippie

This one definitely falls more into the Inspirational category, rather than education for growing! Anyway what the heck, @silencedhippie has a ton of beautifully positive images to help brighten up the day! Enjoy.


If you want to learn more about growing with LED Grow Lights, come say hello at the Photonic LED Grow Light Store! Free Shipping in the USA 🇺🇸

Cheers for now,

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