An Intro to Our Brands - 1. Black Dog LED

Black Dog LED 


Part 1 of our Brands Intro Blog series, this article introduces the incredible Black Dog LED Phytomax 2 series. For us, these are simply the best LED Grow Lights for growing Cannabis. 

We'll be discussing what particular technologies Black Dog LED employ in their grow lights, and what sets their products apart from so many of their competitors. We'll also make some recommendations as to what particular grow light would be best suited to your needs. 


A Background to Black Dog LED 

Black Dog LED are gardening enthusiasts with a simple philosophy – they want to create the best possible plant grow lights. The PhytoMax 2 series build on 6 years previous experience in LED Grow Lights, with a focus on creating unrivalled PAR levels to deliver maximum growth and efficiency.

Their plant scientists and engineers continually conduct cutting-edge research and development so they can continue pushing the limits of LED grow light technology. Its no wonder the PhytoMax 2 is considered the most reliable indoor LED grow light available in the grow light industry!

Why We Love the Black Dog LED PhytoMax 2 Series

1. Massive Grow Footprint

Black Dog PhytoMax 2 boast the largest grow lighting footprint in the industry. This is lead by the PhytoMax-2 1000, which offers 8 x 8ft for vegetative and 6.5 x 6.5ft for flowering (42 square feet), an absolute beast! Its the most powerful LED Grow Light available in the market.

2. Honest Product Names

Black Dog are one of few LED Grow Light manufacturers to modestly name their products by actual Wattage, as opposed to their High Intensity Discharge (HID) equivalent. For example, the PhytoMax-2 800 draws around 800 True Watts (as opposed to 800 HID equivalent Watts). This makes things much easier when predicting your power consumption throughout each grow. 

Of course, HID equivalent is still important. So, to show the full story whilst keeping things simple for shoppers at Photonic LED, we've added the HID equivalent of each of these models to our products pages. So when you're buying a Black Dog LED Grow Light from us, you understand exactly what you're getting!

3. One Spectrum for Vegetative and Flowering Growth Stages

The PhytoMax 2 series uses one spectrum for the entire growth cycle of your plants. Why is this good? Because it eliminates growth 'stalling' which can be experienced when switching between vegetative and flower specific spectrums.

Secondly, the Phyto-Genesis Spectrum has been shown to outperform any traditional Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or Fluorescent light set up when tested at equal Wattage. All PhytoMax-2 models have shown far superior canopy penetration when tested against their HID counterparts, resulting in higher yields, better quality flowers, and more trichomes - No arguments! 

4. Fast Proven Return on Investment

We understand that committing to a large upfront investment can be daunting. However, take a quick look at the numbers and you'll soon see that its worth it! The return on investment with a Black Dog Phytomax-2 can be achieved in as little time as 6 - 12 months! 

In this example, the running costs of a Black Dog LED Grow Light are compared to a 1000 Watt HID Grow Light set up, where the user must regularly replace expensive bulbs. It is also worth noting that no air conditioning costs were taken into consideration here, which would make the cost or running HID even higher, due to the excessive heat produced when compared to growing with LED Grow Lights. 

Lastly, if you're a commercial grower, its not just the maintenance and energy costs where you'll notice a difference. There will also be massively increased profitability  with each grow. With the PhytoMax-2 1000 for example, you can expect a 50% increase in yield when compared to a 1000 Watt Single Ended (SE) HPS light, and a 20% increase over Double Ended (DE) HPS. Check out some fascinating case studies here.

5. 90 Day Hassle Free Return Policy 

At the Photonic LED Grow Store, we honour the warranty and return policies of our suppliers, and with Black Dog LED its no different. If you're not happy with your purchase, you have a full 90 days to return it. And for some long term re-assurance, you'll get a full 5 year warranty with each of their lights. Proper peace of mind. 

What Light is Best For Me?

Of course this depends on your goals and priorities, so lets break it down into a few common scenarios:

"I Want Low Energy Bills but High Yields!"

You've come to the right place! Choosing to grow with any LED Grow Light over HID will achieve this.

With Black Dog specifically, you'll want to choose the PhytoMax-2 600 or PhytoMax-2 800. Why did we choose these and not the 1000 Watt? Well, both of these run at lower actual Wattage (630W and 840W respectively), but still offer a 1000 Watt HID equivalent Wattage. You'll use 35% less electricity compared to these light's HID counterparts, but still benefit from increased efficiency and yields thanks to the Phyto-Genesis spectrum! This means super high yields for you, at a very reasonable cost of energy.




"I'm on a Budget"

No stress! At $1279 the PhytoMax-2 400 is an absolute steal. You'll achieve 4.25 x 4.25 ft flowering footrpint (18 square foot!), and still reap all the benefits of the larger lights. This includes superior yield, higher quality flowers and trichome production thanks to the Phyto Genesis Spectrum's canopy penetrating capabilities. You'll also have complete peace of mind with the 90 day hassle free return policy, and 5 year warranty.

Also, if you visit Photonic LED this month, you can save 10% on all Black Dog LED Products. Just enter discount code BDG10 at checkout!

"I Grow Commercially"

It HAS to be the PhytoMax-2 1000. And here's why:

A recent independent study has shown just how high the yields can be when growing with PhytoMax-2 LED Grow Lights in general. The initial study made this incredibly clear by experimenting with the PhytoMax-2 800. The resultant yield was an amazing 0.7258 grams per watt, resulting in a total yield of 15.36 lb for 12 lights!

However, even more exciting was the equivalent result for the PhytoMax-2 1000. The increased yield when compared to using a DE HPS light was a massive 45% (6 lb increase), amounting to an increase in profit of $12,000 per run, or a massive $62,000 annually if 5 runs are achieved. Incredible. We cannot stress enough how much these LED Grow Lights will benefit your commercial grow!

Read for yourself here!


"I'm a Hobbyist Just Starting Out"

Great! You're making an amazing first step by choosing LED Grow Lights. For this scenario, we're presuming this is your first grow, and you don't want to invest too much up front. Or perhaps you just don't have the space to allow for the massive footprint of the larger lights.  

No worries, the PhytoMax-2 200 and 400 are the options for you. Both of these lights seriously pack the punch for their size, and still include all the professional features of their older siblings! These include fully commercial grade components such as 70,000+ hour lifespan fans, and the largest heat sink of any LED Grow Light for incredible cooling qualities. And of course, you'll reap the benefits of the amazing Phyto-Genesis spectrum for increased flower density and yield. You cannot go wrong with these for your first grow project! 

You'll also have complete peace of mind with the 90 day hassle free return policy, and 5 year warranty.


As if we need to say any more! Black Dog LED have the highest PAR values, the largest grow footprints, and are the most reliable indoor LED grow lights available in the grow light industry. Tried and tested! So here's the deal....

...because we want you to experience their true greatness too, we're offering a limited time 10% discount on all PhytoMax-2 grow lights - just enter BDG10 at the checkout page. We know how happy you'll be with the results! 

 So, what are you waiting for?! Come check them out at the Photonic LED Grow Store...

Cheers for now,

The Photonic LED Team


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